Dr. Radhika Umdekar

Sitarist, Vichitra Veena artiste, Veena artist

Dr. Radhika Umdekar
Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika is not merely a musician; she is a true luminary in the world of Indian classical music. Her remarkable personality and groundbreaking work have transcended boundaries, earning her a place of honor and admiration in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. She is the CREATOR of the smallest and bestest version of Vichitra Veena Ever. She has worked on the sound quality and weight-size.

*Acclaimed Maestro and Trailblazer:*
Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika is celebrated as the first-ever female player of the illustrious Vichitra Veena, a testament to her indomitable spirit and dedication to breaking gender barriers in the world of classical music. Her pioneering work has forever altered the course of this traditional instrument, ushering in a new era of creativity and expression.

*Rich Musical Lineage:*
Descendant of the revered Gwalior Darbar’s acclaimed vocalist, Pt. Balabhau Umdekar Kundalguru, and the protegée of the legendary Pt. Shriram Umdekar, her musical lineage is steeped in history and excellence. Under the guidance of Grammy award-winning Mohan Veena Player, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and her father Pt.Shriram Umdekar , she has refined her artistry to unmatched levels.

*Innovative and Creative Genius:*
Dr. Radhika's innovative prowess extends beyond her instrument. Her original Ragas, such as Navalvihangi, Chaitrvani, and Madhumanjiri, are living testaments to her creative genius, captivating listeners with their unique soundscapes. Her contributions to Indian classical music are nothing short of revolutionary.

*Music as Therapy:*
Beyond the concert stage, Dr. Radhika is a compassionate healer who has harnessed the power of music for therapeutic purposes. Her expertise in music therapy has touched countless lives, demonstrating her commitment to making the world a better place through her art.

*Founder and Visionary:*
Her passion for empowerment and advocacy has led her to establish V Radha’s Crystals, Aarohi Promotions, and the Aarohi Women Empowerment Group, where she serves as the founder and director. These organizations reflect her unwavering dedication to uplifting others.

*Versatile Virtuoso:*
Dr. Radhika's versatility knows no bounds. She commands various Indian instruments, from the evocative strains of the Rudra Veena and Surbahar to the resonant tones of the Sitar, Israj, Jaltarang, Santoor, Harmonium, and Slide Guitar, each note infused with her unique touch. Her multifaceted talent is a testament to her ceaseless pursuit of excellence.

*Awards and Accolades:*
Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika's extraordinary work has earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Rajmata Jijau Puraskar, Sundari Samrat Yuva Purskar, and the international PERSON OF THE YEAR 2013 AWARD. Her contributions to music and society have been celebrated on international platforms, reflecting the global impact of her work.

*Mentor and Educator:*
As a dedicated teacher, she ensures the rich legacy of Indian instruments thrives in the hands of the next generation. Her commitment to nurturing young talent is as strong as her passion for performance.

*Global Icon:*
Her spellbinding Vichitra Veena performances have captivated audiences not only in India but also around the world. Dr. Radhika has shared her vast knowledge and passion for Indian Classical and Fusion music through workshops and lectures conducted worldwide, further cementing her status as a global icon in the world of music.

*Media and Author:*
Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika's achievements have been prominently featured in international and national publications, television channels, reality shows, and print media outlets. Her captivating story has been documented in in-depth documentaries and her insights on classical music, Indian music, and social issues have been published in numerous news outlets and magazines.

*Legacy and Impact:*
Her legacy as an artist, mentor, healer, and advocate continues to7 inspire and transform the world of Indian classical music. Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika is not just a musician; she is a force of nature, a true visionary, and a beacon of excellence in every sense.

In summary, Dr. Radhika Veenasadhika's exceptional personality, boundless talent, and pioneering contributions have left an indelible mark on the world, making her a revered figure in Indian classical music and a source of inspiration for generations to come.


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Radhika Umdekar Budhkar
Radhika Umdekar Budhkar
Radhika Umdekar Budhkar
Radhika Umdekar Budhkar
Radhika Umdekar Budhkar performing at Indore
Radhika Umdekar Budhkar performing at Indore
Dhrupad Parva
Dhrupad Parva
Concerts : 
Mriduang Event
Pt.Vidur Malik Sangeet samaroh, Dehradun 2019
Ambabai Sangeet samaroh , Miraj 2019
50th Pt.Bala Bhau Umdekar Sangeet Samaroh
Sangeet Samaroh
Sumanjali Sangeet Samaroh
Sangeetanjali International Women’s day
Veena Samaroh, Bhopal
Durlabh Vady Sangeet Samaroh
Akhil Bhartiy Dhrupad Nad ninad Sangeet samaroh
Sangeet Natak Academy Samaroh
Saz e Bahar By NCPA
Prathama Sangeet samaroh
Veena Utsav
Swar Samvad
Dharohar 2014
Dharohar 2020
Mriduveena sangeet samaroh
Inner Harmony workshop
Dhrupad Sangeet Samaroh , Jaipur
Sur Saaj Aur Aawaj organized by AIR Jammu
Dhrupad Sangeet Samaroh , Wardha
Dhrupad Samaroh organized by Doordarshan Bhopal
Dhrupad Nad Ninad Sangeet samaroh organized by Sangeet Natak Academy Jaipur
Dhrupad Sangeet samaroh organized by Jawahar Kala Kendra
Veena Samaroh organized by Anhad Bharat Bhavan.
Pt. Balabhau Umdekar Smruti Sangeet Samaroh, Pune
Pt.Balabhau umdekar Smruti sangeet Samaroh, Gwalior
Sadanand Jadhav sangeet samaroh, Solapur
Music Mojo Kappa TV
Mahakal Sangeet Samaroh organized by Ministry of Culture
Saptak Sangeet Samaroh, Ahemdabad
Umang Sangeet festival organized by National center of performing arts
Chakradhar sangeet samaroh, Malwa utsav
Kumar Gandharva Sangeet samaroh
Swayamsiddha organized by ministry of culture and Bharat Bhavan
Dhrupad Virasat Samaroh, Jaipur
Dhrupad Samaroh, Jaipur
Dhrupad Mela
Chandigarh Sangeet Sammelan
Tansen sangeet Samaroh, Gwalior 2022
Tansen Sangeet Samaroh , Gwalior
Haridas Sangeet Sammelan, Mumbai
Kal Ke Kalakar Sangeet Sammelen
Shani Mandir, Indore
Veenavinodini, Jaipur
Kirti Kala Mandir, Nashik
Deshpande Auditorium Nagpur
Swarna Pratibha organized by Sangeet Natak Academy
Uttaradhikar at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal
Suburban Music circles
Yog evam Sangeet Divas by MP Culture department 2023 , Indore
Vichitra Veena Recital curated by Mihir Thakore , 2022
Ethno 2011
Antarang By Sangeet Natak Akademi , 2021
Chai ki Chuski aur Suron ki Kashti by Veena Venu TV
Expert series Season 1 by Veena Venu TV
Expert Series Season 2 by Veena Venu TV
Shabdatmika By Veena Venu TV
Heal The world – Music Therapy During COVID , NRB NEWS 24
Swaravali Aarohi Sangetotasva and many more. More Than 100 Performances & workshops in Europe and other countries.

Dr. Radhika Umdekar Budhkar Present Sitar Recital

Dr. Radhika Umdekar Budhkar Present Sitar Recital
   Awards & Achievements
Dr. Radhika is the first ever Vichitra Veena lady player.
She has received a few scholarships and fellowships such as the Durlabh Sangeet Shaily scholarship from the Ustad Alauddin Khan Sangeet Academy Bhopal and a scholarship from the Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Government of India.

Achievements : Rajmata Jijau Puraskar 2019 By Mharashtra Navnirman Sena Mumbai.
 Sundari Samrat Yuva Purskar by Siddhram Jadava Sanskruti Kala Mandal Solapur . 2018
 Abhikalpna Nari shakti Samman 2016
 The PERSON OF THE YEAR 2013 INTERNATIONAL AWARD,by the gates and coustion foundation of U.K.
 Tiitle of “TOYI” (Ten Outstanding Young Indian) by Indian Jaycees.
 Title of “Surmani” by Sursingar sansad Mumbai 2002.
 Title of “Gwalior Ratna” by Gwalior Jaycees.
 Title of “Sangeet Kala Ratna” by Matru Udbodhan Ashram, Patna.
 Title of “Nadsadhak” by Nad Sadhna Samiti, Agra.
 Awarded PHD In music .
 Won Four Gold medals in M.A and Kovid in Sitar .
 Awarded fellowship for PHD in Music .
 She got senior research fellowship for Vichitra Veena .
 National Talent search Scholarship by centre for cultural resources and training, New Delhi for Sitar.
 Awarded Durlabh sangeet shaily scholarship by Ustad Alauddin khan sangeet Academy Bhopal.
 Awarded Scholarship by Ministry of tourism & culture, Govt. of India for Vichitraveena
 Gold Medal at 13th Yuva Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav organized by south central zone cultural in 2000.
 She participated at the All India Radio music competition held by Akashvani was given special award and Gold medal and recognition as approved artist of all India Radio.
 Bronze Medal at National Youth Festival Calcutta in 1997.
 Sa re ga ma pa Zee TV Has shown A feature On her and many other news channels
 Many International and National Newspaper magazine cover her Story and Interviews.
 She was the judge in Talent Hunt Mumbai and many other competitions

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