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Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee,one of the most talented santoor players of his generation was musically inclined from a very tender age. His father, Mr. Asoke Kumar Chatterjee, one of the internationally acclaimed football players of India and an ardent connoisseur of Indian Classical Music, inspired his son to take up music as a goal.

Sandip was accepted as a pupil by the eminent Santoorplayer Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya in the year 1980. He is taking taleem of “Ragdari” and “Layakari” from vocal maestro Pandit Ajay Chakraborty last ten years. 

After formal talim in pursuit of proficiency of the highest order in Raga, Taal and laya, Sandip, has been consolidating his knowledge with emotion ,dedication and creativity, under the able guidance of his gurus. 

Inter-Cultural Activities: Apart from traditional Indian Classical music, Sandip has a deep interest and affection towards the different genre of world music and musicians. He has collaborated with many distinguished overseas musicians and has been able to draw his impression as a good composer as well as music arranger in world music sector.

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Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee - Santoor player
Sandip Chatterjee - Santoor player
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee
Sandip Chatterjee performing in program
Sandip Chatterjee performing in program
Sandip Chatterjee performing in Concert
Sandip Chatterjee performing in Concert
Sandip Chatterjee performing in concert
Sandip Chatterjee performing in concert
Instead of a regular performer for All India Radio and Calcutta Doordarshan, Sandip has successfully performed in many major music conferences and festivals all over India and abroad and worked with several overseas musicians under world music category.

Apart from Indian Classical Music, Sandip’s expertise has been utilitarian in many Movies, TV Channels and TV serials as music composer and music arranger and also worked under the famous music directors of India like A.R Rahman, Gulsan Kumar, Rabindra Jain, V. Balsara, Jatin Lalit etc .

Having presented his recitals, a number of times before the audience with overwhelming success in India and abroad, Sandip has been acclaimed by the connoisseurs as one of the most talented and established Santoor player of his generation

Sandip has performed in many major music festivals in India and abroad. To Name a Few important performances...

*Performances in India-

-Tansen Sangeet Samaroh ( Gwalior), 
-Alauddin Khan Sangeet Samaroh(Mihar)
-Ameer Khan Sangeet Samaroh (Indor)
-Chalukya Music festival ( Karnataka )
-Karavalli Music Festival  ( Mangalore)
-Nikhil Banerjee Memorial ( Barackpur)
-Sangeet Research Academy(Kolkata) 
-Chakradhor Sangeet samaroh ( Raigarh)
-State Music Academy(Kolkata)
-Sursagar Music Festival (Bangalore)
-Prayag Sangeet Samyalan( Allahabad) 
-Surya Music Festival ( Cochin )
-Doverlane Music festival ( Kolkata) 
-Radhika Mohan Mitrya Music Festival ( Kol)
-Kasi sangeet samaj ( Varanashi)
-Bhairav Kalyan Utsav ( Mangalore)

*Performances in Abroad-

-Saraswati Art (Amsterdam)
-Indo German Society ( DIG) Germany 
-Martova Folk Festival ( Rome –Italy)
-Surdhwani Music Festival (UK)
-Scotland Art Festival ( Scotland)
-Rasa centre for world Music (Holland)
-Less Oriental Music Festival ( France)
-Brunei Music Society   (Brunei)
-Music Guimet  ( France)
-Festival de FIMU ( France) 
-QUAI JAZZ music festival ( France)
-Tarab Tanger music festival ( Morocco)
-Musikpublic music festival ( Belgium)


Santoor recital by Sandip Chatterjee

Pt. Sandip Chatterjee’s Santoor recital was marked by a thorough command on rhythms of a very wide spectrum. He took up the main challenge of his tuning system with a Ragamalika set to nearly 9 ragas of widely varying scales, from Yaman to Kirwani, ragas seem to blend and cross paths to create a new experimental field.
   Awards & Achievements
Sandip was recognized by Pandit V. Balsara as "A Grade" Artiste of Song and drama division of Govt. of India.

He has also got "National Scholarship" from Govt. of India, for the year 2000-01.

He is the first Santoor Player in India who’s CD has been released in India and abroad in DTS 5.1 sound technology.
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