Late Pt. Ulhas Bapat

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Late Pt. Ulhas Bapat
The rise of Santoor from folk instrument to a Classical instrument has been the result of painstaking, dedicated, continuous efforts by some very few talented hands. One of the most promising and in a way, unique among them has been the hands of Pt.Ulhas Bapat who is a highly accomplished Santoor player and has made his mark in the competitive world of music. He has made his debut as a Santoor exponent in 1975 with a chamber concert for Sancharini, an organization founded by Pt. Ravi Shankar in Mumbai. Since then he has kept up a steady stream of concert appearances all over India interspersed with concert tours abroad. He has played to appreciative audience not only from all over India but also from abroad. The response of music critics as well as music lovers to his performances as well as recorded music has been overwhelmingly favourable. Today perhaps Pt. Ulhas Bapat is the only Santoor exponent who actually tunes his instrument by the chromatic system (fixed tuning) and plays accordingly.
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Pt. Ulhas Bapat at Tansen Samaroh at Gwalior in 2008
Pt. Ulhas Bapat at Tansen Samaroh at Gwalior in 2008
Santoor Maestro Pt. Ulhas Bapat
Santoor Maestro Pt. Ulhas Bapat
Santoor Maestro Pt. Ulhas Bapat performing in concert
Santoor Maestro Pt. Ulhas Bapat performing in concert
Santoor Maestro Pt. Ulhas Bapat performing in concert
Santoor Maestro Pt. Ulhas Bapat performing in concert
Pt. Ulhas Bapat
Pt. Ulhas Bapat
His first visit was in 1988 USA-Canada tour organized by Ragmala of Calgary, 20 concerts in different countries. In 1989 tour organized by "U.K. Universities Circuit for Indian Classical Music" for lecture demonstrations and concerts in 19 Institutes including workshop in Kingston Polytechnics. In 1993 USA-Canada tour organized by Ragmala of Calgary with 22 concerts in different countries. In 1996 USA for the celebration of 35th anniversary of Merchant Ivory Productions with New York Philharmonic orchestra and other Indian maestros like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Sultan Khan, Pt. Hariprasad Chourasia. In 1999 tour to UAE organized by Sur Hindol. (Affiliated To Indian Association, Dubai) Concerts at Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In May-June 2000 tour to China with Dr. L. Subramaniam for the Presidents show. Four concerts, two lecture-demonstrations, one show with Beijing Symphony Orchestra. 24 August 2001 - Lenasia (Gandhi Hall) 25 August 2001 - Lenasia 26 August 2001 - Cape Town 16th September - Winterthur - Organized by VKIM 20th to 30th September - Belarus, Finland & Germany, Concerts and Lec-dems organised by ICCR with Shri Nitin Mitta on Tabla and Smt. Vinaya Bapat on Tanpura 2003 concerts 5th July at BMM Convention New York 12th July Stamford 14th July Providence 26th July "Paul Getty Museum" 17th Aug. at Hindu Temple Chicago 22nd Aug. for VKIM at Switzerland 2004 Concerts 26th March to 3rd May UK, Birmingham As a composer for a project by "Anurekha Ghosh & Company" "Ganges to Nile" on 22nd,23rd,& 24th April at "DRUMS" 1st May at Indian Classical Society Manchester 28th August 2004, Khyal - Karnatak Sangh Matunga 22nd August 2004, Swaravilas Andheri 8th August 2004, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Pune 31 March 2002 at "Shri Ramakrishna Mission" 6.00 p.m. with Shri Vishwanath Shirodkar on Tabla 29th January 2002 - Sholapur by "Sangeet Sabha" with Shri. Anand Badamikar on Tabla 28th January 2002 - Pune by "Gandharva Mahavidyalaya" with Pt. Swapan Choudhuri 12th January 2002 - Mudbidri by "Dr.Alva's Foundation", with Shri Nishikant Barodekar on tabla 6th January 2002 - Kolkatta by "Roopak" with Pt. Swapan Choudhuri on Tabla Seminar on Indian classical music "Logic & Aesthetics" conceived and co-ordinated by Pt. Ulhas Bapat at Kala Academy Goa Oct. 12,13,14,---2001 Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsava 1998 N.C.P.A. as panelist in the Seminar on "Tradition & Change" 1996 South Central Zone Cultural Center Pt. Mallikarjun Smriti Samaroha Dharwad 1994 Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademy 1993 Taansen Samaroha Gwaliar 1992 Sangeet Natak Akademy Delhi "Vadyotsava" 1991 Ustad Allauddin Khan Smriti Samaroha - Maihar 1987 Khan Saheb Alladiya Khan Sangget Mahotsava 1986 Durlabh Vadya Vinod Bharat Bhavan Bhopal 1985 Baiju Sangeet Sammelan Valsad 1979 Maharashtra Rajya Nritya Natya Mahotsava Baramati 1979 Raag-Rang Silver Jubily Allahabad 1978 Sancharini, Mumbai 1975

Light music program on Santoor by Pt. Ulhas Bapat

Pt. Ulhas Bapat presents Light music program on Santoor.

Pt. Ulhas Bapat - Santoor Recital

This program is a musical cavalcade of the tunes of Santoor, an ancient stringed musical instrument, native to Kashmir and Iran. Santoor Recital (Santoor Vadan) by famous artist Pt.Ulhas Bapat
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Pt.Ulhas Bapat is a musician with an innovative bent of mind. He has introduced trail-blazing modifications in the Santoor. He has developed his own specialized system of tuning the instrument in "Chromatic Structure", where all the twelve notes are tuned on the instrument. With this system one can play all 'Ten That (scales) of Indian Classical music' instantly. The Chromatic system eliminates the need to retune the instrument after the rendition of each raga. This approach also enables him to play 'Vakra' ragas, as well as any Raga from any scale. It has proved in his recorded albums---- 'Raga - Sagar - composition of Nine Ragas' and "Prabhat Sagar"- composition of five morning Ragas. The MEEND on Santoor: He has also reconstructed the tongs (sticks) in a manner, which enables him to produce the glissando or The Meend which is a sene-quanon of Indian music. This innovation has contributed to the enrichment of the sound of the Santoor. He has Patent for this innovation. Making the Santoor : His innovative mind led him in making the "Santoor" on his own, under his execution. From selecting the wood till the finishing. One cannot deny his 'ethical' and 'aesthetical' touch in the making the Santoor. Pt. Ulhas Bapat Composed music for Children song (Marathi) - 'Bahuliche Lageen' and 'Gauri Bapat' released by 'Inreco'. Sung by ku. Gauri Bapat. He had directed the music for two Bharatnatyam Ballets. Composed music for Bakti Mala - Classical Devotional songs - Ganesh, Shakti, Mahadev. Volume I by 'Music Today' sung by Smt. Shruti Sadolikar Katkar. Serenity - Themetice Flute Recital by Shri. Ramakant Patil. Album released by 'Crescendo'.
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