Sanjeeb Sircar

Sitarist, Piano artist

Sanjeeb Sircar

Born into a musical family in 1957, Sanjeeb Sircar was taught singing by his mother and encouraged in music and to play musical instruments by his father. He took an active part during his school years at Allahabad, at school music concerts, and picked up the mouth organ, banjo, tabla, violin and drums and played with the school band.

Sanjeeb also learnt the piano and played the organ and piano in churches, sang in choirs, completed graduation from the Kanpur University privately in Sociology, English Literature, Indian Music; and took the degree of Sangit Prabhakar from the Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, in Sitar.

He took up a job as Music teacher at Blue Bells International School at New Delhi and completed further studies in Sitar with Dr. Moni Das, a senior student of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, and took the degree of Sangit Praveen (Post-Graduation) from the Prayag Sangit Samiti.

Both the Gayake and Tantrikari of the Imdadkhani and Senia Gharana styles are to be found in his rendering of a Raga.

Being in New Delhi also gave him the opportunity to pursue his interest in Western Music in his spare time and he joined a Western Music Christian Choir as a tenor singer, took lessons in Western Classical and Jazz Piano, completing the fifth grade from the Trinity College of Music, London, played piano on most Sundays at Churches and played Pop, Rock, Jazz and popular Indian Music professionally with well known local music groups using the Guitar, Keyboards and Sitar and singing.

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Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar playing fusion music with guitarist Fran Molina of Spain
Sanjeeb Sircar playing fusion music with guitarist Fran Molina of Spain
Sanjeeb Sircar with Pandit Banwari Lal in 1977
Sanjeeb Sircar with Pandit Banwari Lal in 1977
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist
Sanjeeb Sircar - Sitarist

An accomplished, award winning Indian Classical Sitar music performer / teacher and a creative and versatile musician, Sanjeeb Sircar has a music career of more than three decades during which he has performed and taught music at many places in India, and also performed and given lessons in Europe, England, USA and Australia.

In 1978 Sanjeev Sircar was invited to Italy where he played Sitar at many places and played fusion music with other musicians using other musical instruments as the guitar, saxophone, flute, piano, tabla, etc. and gave some private lessons.

*Sanjeeb Sircar has worked as music teacher at a few well-known institutions and also performed professionally all over India and abroad also. Some of them are:-

Benares (Varanasi)


Italy: Rome, Torino, Umbria.

New Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University

Auroville: India,

Varanasi: Taj Ganges Hotel

Varanasi: YMCA

Allahabad: YWCA

New Delhi: YMCA

USA Govindas - Miami, Florida

USA: Florida International University

USA Florida - Yoga Research Foundation

USA Govindas, St Louis,

Allahabad: Allahabad Bible Seminary,

Allahabad: Girls High School,

New Delhi: Lalit Kala Acadamy,

New Delhi: Sushil Muni Ashram.

New Delhi: Uma Sharma's School of Music and Dance.

New Delhi: YMCA.

Allahabad: St.Paul Church.

New Delhi: YWCA, With Resurrection Team from USA.

New Delhi: Sangeet Sankalp (Indian Classical Music Society) Gandhi Bhavan, Delhi University

New Delhi: Habitat Center, Habitat World.

New Delhi, Ragranjani (Music Society).

Faridabad, Grace Assembly.

Calcutta, Baptist Church.

Calcutta, Bethel Assembly.

Calcutta, Salvation Army.

New Delhi, Osanam Home.

New Delhi, YMCA.

Mussoorie, Woodstock School

New Delhi, Global Peace Mission

Calcutta, Surya Sikha

Kodaikanal, Pentecostal Church

Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi

New Delhi YMCA

Calcutta, Salvation Army

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Allahabad Bible Seminary, Allahabad

Uppal's Orchid New Delhi

Woodstock School, Mussoorie

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Sangeet Sankalp, New Delhi

Grace Bible Collage, Gurgaon

Gideons Annual Conference, New Delhi

Rayans International School, Mumbai

Poorva Sanskrit Kendra, New Delhi

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, with the Fran Molina Jazz Flamenco Group from Spain.

Rag Ranjani Music Society, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Uttpal Dutt Manch, Kolkutta


Kingdom International, New Delhi

Yeshu Darbar, AAIDU, Allahabad

Pentecostal Church, Allahabad

Uppals Orchid, New Delhi.

Yeshu Darbar, Allahabad

Sangeet Sankalp, Allahabad

Bishop Johnson School, Allahabad

Kingdom International, YMCA, New Delhi

The Tent, Kingdom International, New Delhi

Ragranjani, Kolkata

Yeshu Darbar, Allahabad

Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi

Sangit Sankalp, Allahabad

Captital City Church, New Delhi

Ragranjani, New Delhi

Captital City Church, New Delhi

Assemblies of God, Kolkata

Epicentre, Gurgaon

Ingleburn Church, Australia

Parliament House, NSW, Australia

Epicentre Gurgaon

Yeshu Darbar

Epicentre Gurgaon

*Teaching Experience:-

*Some of the places and Institutions Sanjeeb Sircar has taught music and served as music teacher:

Italy - Private Lessons

U.S.A.- Private Lessons

Varanasi - Private Lessons

Allahabad - Satyaniketan

Allahabad -Girls High School

Allahabad.- Allahabad Bible Seminary

New Delhi - Blue Bells International School

New Delhi - Fr. Agnel School

New Delhi - St. Thomas School

New Delhi - Col. Satsangi's International School

New Delhi - Frank Anthony Public School

New Delhi - Uma Sharma's School of Music and Dance

New Delhi - Olivet Seminary

Mussoorie - Woodstock International School

AAID University, Allahabad (As Assistant Professor, Head of Music Dept.)


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