Abhijeet Kosambi presents songs for Gokulashtami

Abhijeet Kosambi performing on stage

Maharashtracha Pahila Mahagaayak Abhijeet Kosambi was born in 1982.Abhijeet Kosambi's has performed in Dombivli - Gokulastami 2010.

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Maharashtracha Pahila Mahagaayak Abhijeet Kosambi was born in 1982. He started singing as a hobby, until veteran artists Nilu Phule and Ram Nagarkar advised him to learn classical singing properly on hearing him sing in a function. After 10th class, he signed up for Singing Diploma at Shivaji University, Kolhapur under the guidance of Bharati Vaishampayan and other staff. People started noticing Abhijeet Kosambi and his path towards fame started laying its blocks.

The  most important curve in their learning path was when he met Pandit Arun Kulkarni. He taught him classical music for hours long everyday and never asked for any payback.  Kosambi brothers believe that whatever they are today, they owe it to Pandit Arun Kulkarni.

In 2006, Abhijeet Kosambi was entitled 'Maharashtracha Pahila Mahagaayak'. Entire Maharashtra supported him and loved his singing. He left his job and became a professional singer.

Abhijeet believes that there is still a long way to go and pursue many dreams but they are very thankful that people's blessings are always with them.

Abhijeet Kosambi was the winner of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Marathi singing contest and was a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 achieving 11th place with public votes. 

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This program is Hindustani classical and semi classicalmusic program. It consists of Classical Vocal, Bhavgeet, Bhaktigeet, Natyasangeet and light and semi classical vocal.
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