Sharvari Jamenis

Kathak dancer, choreographer, Film Actor, TV Compere, TV Actor, Theatre Actor, Compere

Sharvari Jamenis
Born and brought up in Pune, a recipient of several National Awards for her contribution to the field of dance, Sharvari Jamenis is an Indian actor who primarily works in the Marathi film and TV industries. In 1999, she was given the Nargis Dutt Puraskar by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

When studying in college, she participated in a lot of Ekankika and Natak spardhas and was spotted by director Chandrakant Kulkarni, who then casted her for the 1999 thriller movie Bindhast

"Dance is a symphony of body and soul. It is a prayer of harmony with a creative goal. Its like a breeze, its like a thunder. It gives me peace, it creates wonder. Dance is my expression, my joy. Its a flight full of energy towards enlightening sky!"
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Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis - Kathak Dancer
Sharvari Jamenis -actress
Sharvari Jamenis -actress
Sharvari Jamenis Kathak Recital
Sharvari Jamenis Kathak Recital
Sharvari Jamenis Perform in Event
Sharvari Jamenis Perform in Event
Sharvari Jamenis Performance in Concert
Sharvari Jamenis Performance in Concert
Sharvari Jamenis Performer
Sharvari Jamenis Performer
Sharvari Jamenis -film actress
Sharvari Jamenis -film actress
Composed & Choreographed

*Nritya Vandana:-
Tripur Dahan (Poem)
Natraj Vandana
Taal Rudra (11 beats)
Bhav Amad (7.1/2 beats-"Taal Neel")

(Raag Mishra Kaafi)-Concept and Script of a
Ballet based on Rain 
"Pawoos Ek Saundaryanubhav"

Choreography based on Dharmavir Bharati's

showcasing different dimensions of 
relationship between Radha and Krishna. 

*Corporate Events

*Title song for Bharat Asmita Awards

"Yeh Hai India" 

 for Times of India Dance Ballet
 promoting CNG gas and
 pollution less Delhi for
 IGL Delhi
 Presentations for  -
 Mercedes Benz, Endress
 Hausser, Cosmos Bank,  JCB,

*Films (Choreography)
- Bayo
- Mai-Baap
- Paash

Sharvari also works as an Aerobic Instructor in Pune.

Sharvari Jamenis performed at many places All over India and Abroad.


- Switzerland  (2010)
- USA (2009)
- Mauritius (2009)
- Kuwait & Dubai (2008)
- Singapore (2007)
- Germany
 (Munich & Berlin 2004)
- Paris (2004)
- United Kingdom
  (Glenbrook, Derbyshire,
  Leeds, York, Morecambe,
  Liverpool, and Leicester
- Vietnam (1996)


- Kalidas Festival
  MTDC Nagpur (2009)
- Kathak Festival
  Vadodara (2009)
- Ellora Festival,
  Aurangabad (2008)
- Pt. Kumar Gandharva
  Festival - Dewas (2007)
- International Film Festival
  Mumbai (2007)
- Pune Festival
  (2002, 2004, 2007)
- Humpi Festival
  Karnataka (2006)
- Pundit Durga Lal Festival
  Mumbai (2004)
- Nritya Pratibha - Delhi &
  Hyderabad (2002, 2004)
- Khajuraho Festival
  Madhya Pradesh (Along
  with Prajakta Raj - 2004)
- All India Registrar
  Conference by Pune
  University (1995)
- Concert by Naad
  Foundation - Pune (1998)
- Youth Festival on Dance
  and Music by
  Kalawardhini Foundation
  Pune (1998)
- Bhairav Bhavatarak
  (Dance Ballet based on
  Lord Shiva for the Charity
  of Poona Blind School -
- Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki
  Smruti Samaroha (2007)
- Kathak Festival, Chennai
- Kalarang Festival, Goa
- Hugli Amma Festival
  Humpi (2003)
- Sangeet Natak Academy
  Awards , Mumbai (2003)
- Gaan Vardhan, Pune
- Yuva Nritya Mahotsav
  Goa (2001)
- Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande
  Smruti Samaroha - Pune
- Abhijaat Nritya Natya
  Sangeet Academy - Nasik
- Tarakunj Kaya Kalp
  Jaipur (1999)
- Akhil Bharatiya
  Purushottam Cultural
  Festival - Orissa (1998)
- International Film
  Festival, Pune (2009)
- Shaniwarwada Dance
  Festival , Pune (2009)
- Choreography Festival ,
  Ahmedabad (2008)
- Lions Club's International
  Conference , Mumbai
- Mandu Festival
  Madhya Pradesh (2006)
- Laya - LAYAM, Festival
  organised by Radha Raja
  Reddi - Delhi (2005)
- Konark Festival
  Orissa (2005)
- Dance Festival organised
  by Laasya Kathak Dance
  Academy - Mumbai (2004)
- Sangeet Natak Academy's
  Golden Jubilee Festival
  Mumbai (2003)
- Dance Festival
  Banaras (2003)
- Cultural Festival Imphaal,
  Manipur (2003)
- Pune Festival (2000)
- Doordarshan's Kathak
  Programme - based on
  Pandita Guru Rohiniji's
  work (2000)
- Prayag Sangeet
  Allahabad (1999)
- NCPA Mumbai (1994, 97)
- Kalka Binda Jayanti
  New Delhi  (1997)
- Kalidas Mahotsava MTDC,
  Nagpur (1997)
- Pt. Kumar Gandharva
  Festival - Dewas (1997)

Sharvari Jamenis Movie list as actress

Boyz 3 (2022)
Radhika Maushi

Boyz 2 (2018)

Boyz (2017)

Deool Band (2015)

Hou De Jarasa Ushir (2012)
Sunaina Pandit

Samudra (2010)

Mission Champion

Kay Dyache Bola (2005)

Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji in Paheli (2005)

Mi Tuji Tujhich Re (2004)

Savarkhed: Ek Gaav (2004)

Bindhaast (1999)

Sarkarnama (1998)

   Awards & Achievements
*Ustad Bismilla Khan Yuva
Puraskar by Sangeet Natak
Akademi (2008)

*P. L. Smruti "tarunai
Puraskar" Pune (2007)

*'Punya Gaurav Award' from
Brotherhood Foundation

*'Kala Gaurav Puraskar' by
Kalarang Pratisthan, Pune

*"Singar Mani" by Sur Singar
Parishad (Mumbai) (2001)

*Nargis Dutt Puraskar by
Pune Municipal Corporation

*Filmfare- Best Actress Award and Videocon Screen- Best Actress
 Award for lead role in Marathi Feature Film "Bindhaast" (1999).
*Best Face of the Channel by Alpha TV for a travel show "Bhatkanti" (2003)

*Hindi Films
  Paheli (2005) (by Amol
  Palekar starring Shahrukh
  Khan & Rani Mukharji)

*Marathi Films
- Mission Champion (2006)
- Kaydyacha Bola (2005)
- Sawarkhed Ek Gaon (2004)
- Mi Tuzhi Tuzhich Re (2004
- Mukhawate (2004)
- Bindhaast (1999)
- Sarkarnama (1998)

*TV Serials
Drashta, Avartan,
Ek Chirantan Jyot, Peshwai,
Reshimgathi, Kalyani

Glycodin, Bedekar Masale,
Varana Shrikhand,
Power 999
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