Shalini Khare

Kathak dancer, Folk dancer

Shalini Khare
Shalini Khare is one among the young exponents of Kathak dance. She was born in Jabalpur and was passionate about Kathak dance since childhood. She started her Kathak dance training at the tender age of 5 years thanks to the efforts of her parents. Her mother is her first Kathak Guru.

Having done her Engineering and M.B.A she has completed upto Kovid in the performing art of Kathak dance from Khairagarh university thus combining an understanding of the theory of Kathak dance while practically interpreting it.

Vastly gifted with an attractive demeanour suitable for Kathak dance. Shalini indeed casts a spell on her onlookers while performing kathak. She exudes vitality, warmth, and endows her dance with an added dimension. It is her ability to infuse beauty in whatever she creates and give joyousness to her movements and expression that sets her apart from other kathak dance practitioners.

Her dance movements are full of life and endowed with sensitive lyricism. Her Kathak dance performances are also characterised by rhythmical percussion sound due to her unique usuage of ghunghroos.

Shalini believes strongly in staying true to the heritage and traditions of this art form. She teaches the fundamentals of taal and rhythm, paying attention to correct form and execution, good posture and graceful movement. She is good combination of Jaipur and Lucknow Ggharana.

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Shalini Khare Kathak Dancer
Shalini Khare Kathak Dancer
Shalini Khare Garba Dancer
Shalini Khare Garba Dancer
 Shalini Khare
Shalini Khare
Shalini Khare Kathak Dance Performance
Shalini Khare Kathak Dance Performance
Prasang Samiti Nritya Shree Samaroh.

Narmada Mahotsav organised by Jabalpur Tourism Promotion Council.

 Represented state and school at Chandigarh organised by Ministry of Sports and Culture.

 International Film Festival Bangalore.

 Sudha Chandran Award Samaroh   Bangalore.

 ICCR organized show at Bangalore
 Pandit Nikhil Ghosh Smriti Samaroh Jabalpur.

 Rotary Club dance Festival Jabalpur

Shalini Khare Performs as Choreographer

Shalini choreographs for bride as well as solo, du-ate and for group. She also do it online. She choreographs folk and theme based songs

Shalini Khare Presents Folk Dance Program

It is a combination of Gujrathi and Rajasthani folk dances

Shalini Khare Presents Kathak Recital

It is a whole package of solo Kathak, Du-ate and group performance of pure Kathak Talang and bhavang. She performs in Mahotsav, Music Programs and Fairs only.
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