Ayswaria Wariar

Bharatnatyam dancer, Mohiniattam dancer, choreographer

Ayswaria Wariar
Smt. Ayswaria Wariar, a talented dancer, choreographer and teacher hails from a family of artistes. She was initiated into the art of Classical Dance at the tender age of 5 by her mother Smt. Sreebala Menon , who herself is a trained dancer and singer. Ayswaria Wariar was later trained in 'Bharatanatyam' by Guru Shri Mohanraj of Abhinaya Academy. Smt. Ayswaria Wariar earned her degree of Masters in Bharatanatyam under Prof. Sucheta Bhide Chapekar (Pune University).

Ayswaria is currently a Research Scholar, pursuing research in Mohiniattam. Today,  Ayswaria Wariar trains aspiring talents in both the dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam at her institute, Nrityodaya 'School for Classical Dance' (A Regd. Charitable Trust). The students here, not only learn to dance, but are also given an opportunity to perform at various function.
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Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Mohiniattam dancer Ayswaria Wariar
Mohiniattam dancer Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar perfoming Mohiniattam dance
Ayswaria Wariar perfoming Mohiniattam dance
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Ayswaria Wariar
Some of the notable performances of Ayswaria are listed below :

Guru Gopinath Natana Gramam, Natyotsavam- 2013 Trivandrum.
Mohini Nrithythi, Mohiniyattam Mahotsavam Silpasala 2012 
Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Kerala.
Horizon Series- Indian Council for Cultural Relation, Mumbai and Bengaluru.
Kerala Fine Arts Society-  Mohiniyattam Recital- 2012 Cochin.
Soorya Festival- Keralotsavam, tour 2012.
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalay- Mohiniyattam Recital 2012 Bhopal.
Uttaradh Utsav - 2011 Modhera Sun Temple, Govt. of Gujarat & West Zone Cultural Zone.
Vibrant Gujarat, Navrathri  Mahotsav 2009- Organised by Gujarat Tourism.

In addition to her chosen career of Classical Dance, Ayswaria Wariar has also been very active in Malayalam Theatre.  
also freelanced as an art critic for various English newspapers and even carried her own column in one of the leading English 
newspapers in Indore. 

Ayswaria Wariar has given many temple performances. She has also performed at various festivals. Few of her performances are listed below :
Deepchandrika - Indore.
The Leela’s celebrations on completion of a decade, Mumbai.
SICA, Indore
ASIA, Ahmedabad
Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune
Centre for Advance Training, Indore
National Seminar on Folk,  Art & Literature, Gujarat.
ISCON, Baroda
EME's Janmashtami Celebrations, Baroda.
Hampi festival - Bangalore.


kalashree Ayswaria Wariar presents Shakti

About program:Shakthi is the dance of Prakruthi. Everything originates from Prakruti , from energy. Devi is the cause of this energy. She is Shakti which means power. Often referred to as the feminine aspect of Shiva who is the static. Shakti is the kinetic force. It is this kinetic force or movement that is interpreted here through dance. This ballet is in praise of the divine energy, Shakti. Based on Adi Shankaracharya’s Soundaryalahiri, this is a group production in Mohiniyattam. Here Ayswaria combines highly evocative Ahinaya combined with pure nritta culminating in a rhythmic crescendo! Through this ballet the artist here aims to be drench the rasikas forever by this “Wave of Beauty and Bliss

Kalashree Smt.Ayswaria Wariar presents Gopalaka Pahimam

Gopalaka Pahimam, is a dance ballet based on the life of Lord Krishna, choreographed in the two classical styles of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam, The ballet depicts the life of lord Krishna through the 5 stree kathapatras who have been close to him. They have been helped by the Lord at various points in their life. Lord Krishna’s life’s story whenever and however retold is always colourful and one filled with varied emotions that are ideal for depicting through dance dramas. This epic can be related to various levels, the historic, mundane, spiritual, and the metaphysical!

Kalashree Ayswaria Wariar presents Maya Mohanam

Ayswaria Wariar through her choreography paints the beautiful picture depicting Lord Krishna in various colours and shades. The poet Sri. Kavalam Narayana Panicker portrays the various rupas of Maha Vishnu. If at times Shri Krishna is Radha’s lover, he is also the fearsome Narasimha protecting Prahlada from Hiranyakasyapu. He is the one who protects Draupathi as well as inspires Arjuna to fight the battle of Mahabharata and also gives moksha to Gajendra.

Kalashree Ayswaria Wariar presents Geeta Govindam

The Geeta Govindam known as Ashtapati in Kerala depict in highly poetic language the love play of Radha and Krishna which is apt for dancing lasyam. It is that mood of the underlying Sringara Rasa which gives rise to the lasya bhava in nritta as well as Abhinaya which is apt for bringing out the true essence of Mohinattam. Smt. Ayswaria Wariar has worked to put together a dance presentation that brings out fully the beauty of Geeta Govindam. The ballet is interspersed with pure dance movements performed to swara passages and rhythmic pieces.

Kalashree Ayswaria Wariar presents Meghadhootam

A Mohiniattam dance ballet that aims to bring the beauty of Mahakavi Kalidasa’s poetry as well as paint a picture of panoramic description given in the Kavya. Here certain movements and techniques of kalari payattu are also used as and when required. The dancers recreate images of clouds, fields, farmers, rivers, palaces, courtyards and all other imagery that are encountered in this pan Indian voyage.

Kalashree Ayswaria Wariar presents Urmila

This composition written by Shri.Kavalam Narayana Pannicker depicts the saga of Urmila, Lakshmana’s wife. Ayswaria portrays Urmila’s solitary life, her sacrifice and finally her realization which culminates in her attaining her divine status.

Kalashree Smt.Ayswaria Wariar presents Shakuntala

A solo dance presentation that is based on Mahakavi Kalidasa’s 'Abhigyanashakuntalam', that depicts the extremely beautiful character Shankuntala’s love, separation, intensity, her emotional dilemmas, her connect with mother nature and the pain that she experiences as a woman, all brought out through the gracefully styled classical dance of Mohiniyattam.
   Awards & Achievements
Ayswaria Wariar  is  a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship awarded by the Department of Culture, New Delhi.
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