Vyjayanthi Kashi

Kuchipudi dancer, choreographer, Theatre Actor, TV Actor

Vyjayanthi Kashi
'I try to teach my students dance, celebrating every role they play. Not just the adavus or items, but choose the proper way.'

One of the most respected classical dancer; Vyjayanthi Kashi is also a choreographer, dance guru, dance therapist, researcher and organizer. Thirty years in the field of dance and now in twilight, Vyjayanthi remains undaunted, vibrant and committed. Well known as the dynamic force in Kuchipudi; working locally, regionally and internationally.

Vyjayanthi is a creator and a visionary in this art who sees unity in diversity of all artistic endeavors. With a vision to promote artistic and professional excellence she established the Shambhavi School of Dance, a premier arts organization in 1993. For Vyjayanthi, theatre is the all-encompassing universal vehicle for her creative vision; it expresses life itself in the richness of all its myths and rituals.  

Vyjayanthi Kashi is working as a Chairperson, Karnataka Sangeet Nritya Academy. Her focus as chairperson of Karnataka Sangeet Nritya Academy, was the first National Festival of Choreography, Rang Tarang.
Vyjayanthi has inaugurated several festivals and inspired people with her talks.

Vyjayanthi Kashi is a Kuchipudi dancer. She learnt Kautwams dance from her guru late C R Acharya. Kautwams are the most ancient dances performed by temple dancers during festive occasions in the temples of Nuzvid area in AP during yester years. Her Kuchipudi guru, late C R Acharya has been a pioneer in conducting research to bring back this dance form to limelight. Now only a few in the world can perform this unique dance.In Mayura Kauthvam the dancer paints the picture of peackok, vehicle of Lord Subramanya, with her rhythmic footwork.The other similar items are Lakshmi udbhavam, painting a picture of a lotus and simhanandini, creting the image of a Lion, the vehicle of goddess Parvathi.

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Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Vyjayanthi Kashi
Vyjayanthi Kashi
Choreographer Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Choreographer Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Performer Vyjayanthi Kashi
Performer Vyjayanthi Kashi
Vyjayanthi Kashi (Kuchipudi dancer) as a Guru.
Vyjayanthi Kashi (Kuchipudi dancer) as a Guru.
Vyjayanthi Kashi Kuchipudi Exponent.
Vyjayanthi Kashi Kuchipudi Exponent.
Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Vyjayanthi Kashi.
Dancer par excellence Vyjayanthi Kashi’s career spans over an impressive spectrum of performance, choreography, teaching, acting, research and organizing. Her works has been featured in several national and international festivals round the globe in around 18 countries.
Vyjayanthi's major performances in India are :
*  Uday Shankar Ballet Dance Festival, Jaipur
*  Guru-shishya Parampara Festival, Bhubaneshwar
*  25th Konark Music and Dance Festival, Konark 
*  Natyanjali Dance Festival, Chidambaram 
*  Dovers Lane Dance Festival, Kolkata
*  India International Arts Festival, New Delhi
*  Konark Festival, Bubaneshwar
*  Nishagandhi Festival, Thiruvananthapuram
*  Dasara Utsav, Mysore
*  Mahabharath Festival, Kurukshetra
*  Khajurao Festival, Khajurao
*  National Choreographs Festival, New Delhi 
*  Kuchipudi Mahotsav, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, 
*  Sangeet Natak Academy Festival, Nagpur, Goa, Hyderabad
*  Hampi Festival, Hampi
*  Monsoon festival, New Delhi
*  Indian Ballet Festival, Mumbai 
*  Bangalore Habba – Bengaluru
*  Choreograhpy Festival of Dance, Bhubaneswar
*  Rukmini Devi Festival, Kalakshetra, Chennai
*  Ananya Dance Festival, New Delhi
*  Dhauli Mahotsav, Bhubaneswar 
*  National Dance Festival, Ahmadabad & Rajkot 
*  Namma Dance Utsav, Bengaluru
*  Sankranti Sambhrama Festival, Bengaluru
*  Festival of Classical Dance & Music, Bengaluru
*  Carnival of Classical Choreography Festival, Bengaluru
*  Nrityya Saptaha Festival, Mysore
*  Tridhara Festival, Bhubaneshwar

Major performances abroad:
*  Oriental Dance Festival Germany 
*  International Dance & Music Festival - US
*  Karmiel Dance Festival – Israel
*  International Dance Festival – Malta
*  International Dance & Music Festival – Tunisia
*  International Alexandria Dance Festival - Egypt
*  India Film Festival - Malaga  
*  Appan Dance Festival - Korea 
*  Olympic 2006 Festival -  Italy  
*  Milap Festival - London
*  Tagore Centre Celebration – Berlin
*  Centro de Danza Culture – Spain
*  Colors of Indian Dance – UK
*  Indian Dance Festival – Rome
*  Ethnic Week  Festival – Israel 
*  50 years of Independence Festival - Africa

As a Choreographer, Vyjayanthi Kashi possesses an open mindedness for both the old and new. Her fluid choreography and repertoire of solo and group performances reflect both her Indian heritage and cross cultural experimentation. She has choreographed mythological, historical, Sanskrit and contemporary Ballets.

Performance & Choreography:

Over the years, Vyjayanthi Kashi has developed a  wide variety of dance productions based on themes ranging from mythology, nationalism, fables, colors, folklore and more.

Some of her productions:

*   Navarasa - nine sentiments
*   Ten directions - Vedic chants
*   Women of India - The ultimate creation
*   Srishti - creation of the universe
*   Janani Janma Bhoomischa - Tribute to India
*   Ambe - tiny star of Mahabharata
*   Yagna - the sacrifice
*   Stabdha - the silence
*   Ardhanareeshwara - the two energies 
*   Basava Sandesha- A tribute to sage Basavanna
*   Krishnarpanam- the leelas of Krishna

Vyjayanthi is acting in screens
Kitapati (film) 
Maleyali Jotheyali (film)
Benki Hoo (telifilm)
Minchu (tv seriel)
Male Billu (tv seriel)
Mukta Mukta (tv seriel)

Acting in theater
Sangya Balya


Vyjayanthi Kashi presents Kuchipudi dance program.

Vyjayanthi Kashi possesses an open mindedness for both the old and new. Her fluid choreography and repertoire of solo and group performances reflect both her Indian heritage and cross cultural experimentation. She has choreographed mythological, historical, Sanskrit and contemporary Ballets.
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