Pt. Ram Marathe

Hindustani classical vocalist, Singer (Natya Sangeet), Tabla artist, Music director, Theatre Actor, Film Actor

Pt. Ram Marathe
Sangeetbhushan Pandit Ram Marathe 
(23rd October 1924 – 04th October 1989)

Pt. Ram Marathe - Gharandaj Gayak of Hindustani Classical Singer of Agra, Gwalior, Jaipur Gharanas.

He has acted in Films and Marathi Sangeet Natak and worked as Music Director, Playback Singer, Tabla Player (Ustad Ahmadjaan Thirkawa Style), Guru, Bandishkar (Nayak) & “A Top Grade” Artist of All India Radio, Mumbai for more than 40 years.

Pandit Ram Marathe was born on 23rd October 1924 at Pune and done his schooling at Bhave School. He joined Sagar Film Company in 1933 and acted in Mehboob Films like “Manmohan”, “Jagirdar” and “Vatan”. Subsequently he joined Prabhat Film Company in 1935 & acted in “Gopalkrishnan” under the direction of renowned Director Shri V. Shantaram. He was with Prabhat till 1940 and acted in number of Prabhat films notably “Admi” (Hindi) and “Manus” (Marathi). He acted as child prodigee/actor in more than 16 films.

He was always humble & astute devotee and follower of Late Pandit Gayanacharya Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale.

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Pt. Ram Marathe - Hindustani Classical Singer of Agra, Gwalior, Jaipur Gharanas.
Pt. Ram Marathe - Hindustani Classical Singer of Agra, Gwalior, Jaipur Gharanas.
Sangeetbhushan Pandit Ram Marathe
Sangeetbhushan Pandit Ram Marathe
Pt. Ram Marathe as Bhagwan Krishna
Pt. Ram Marathe as Bhagwan Krishna
Pt. Ram Marathe as Shankar
Pt. Ram Marathe as Shankar
Pt. Ram Marathe
Pt. Ram Marathe
Pt. Ram Marathe
Pt. Ram Marathe
Concerts / performances:
Pt.Ram Marathe had performed in all the prestigious musical festivals at various places like Jalandhar, Patna, Lahore, Delhi, Gwalior, Calcutta, Banaras,Amritsar and almost all over the Maharashtra. His contribution to Indian classical music was recognized with several Awards for his unique and successful performances.  He was “A-top grade” Hindustani Classical Artist of All India Radio.

Gayaki Speciality:
Since he had undergone a proper Tabla training, he had a great command on Taal and Layakari. He had special command on Rare–Anvat Ragas & Jod Ragas and he was highly recognized for his clear and fast tankriyas and also for Purity of Ragas. He always used to enrich his audience with various semi-classical forms like Khayal, Tarana, Tappa, Natyasangeet, Thumri, Dadra & Bhajans in his concerts. Unlike the present classical singers, his concerts used to last more than 5 hours with the powerful intensity and stamina. 

Career as a Stage Actor & Music Director:

He started his stage career under the persual of Natvarya Shri Ganapatrao Bodas in 1950 as a leading character in old classical musical dramas like Saubhadra, Sanshayakallol, Swayamvar, Ekach Pyala, Manapman etc. with veteran actor and actress such as Balgandharva, Hirabai Badodekar, Vinayakbuwa Patwardhan, Nanasaheb Phatak etc. Despite of his busy schedule in concerts, he performed in 22 old & new Sangeet Natak with more than 5000 stage shows. This is purely out of his dedication and commitment towards Sangeet Rangbhoomi.

Composed music for more than 10 dramas such as – Mandarmala, Suvarntula, Meghmalhar, Tansen, Baiju etc. and acted in the play as a leading charter role.

Career as a Guru:
His disciples includes many eminent classical singers like Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar, Sudhir Datar, Ram Pratham, Vishwanath Kanhere, Vishwanath Bagul, Yogini Joglekar, Shashikant Oak, Madhuwanti Dandekar, Sanjay Marathe & Mukund Marathe etc. (more than 50) and have got the training from him under the traditional Gurukul way of learning. 
   Awards & Achievements
Maharashtra Government honoured the “Sangeet Bhushan” degree in 1961.
Recognition by Government of Maharashtra in 1981 for successful completion and continuous 30 years of career in Marathi Sangeet Rangbhumi.

Honoured “Sangeet Chudamani Degree” by Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Puri.

Appointed by AIR, New Delhi on Northan (Hindustani) Music Audition Board Committee. Also  Advisory Nagpur and other Universities in India. 
More than 100 Records and number of CDs and LPs to his credit and composed more than 50 Bandish in various Ragas. 

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