Vinitha Nedungadi

Mohiniattam dancer, choreographer

Vinitha Nedungadi
Vinitha Nedungadi is a leading exponent of Mohiniyattam. For Vinitha, Mohiniyattam is more than a form of dance. She is engrossed in studying this art form, particularly its literature and choreography. According to her every art form has the capacity to evolve without rupturing  its pristine structure and any innovation in the art form should be expanding its possibilities to include new areas of creativity and such innovations should be in tune with its inherent style and structure.

Vinitha is the chairman of Sree Sabha - a charitable and Educational Trust for the preservation, research and propagation of various arts, to conduct research in and study of the literature, theory and practice of various forms of classical and folk dances, music and theatres of India and also to extend charitable activities in the fields of providing multi-dimensional educational and medical assistance to the needy. 
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Vinitha Nedungadi - Mohiniyattam exponent and choreographer
Vinitha Nedungadi - Mohiniyattam exponent and choreographer
Vinitha Nedungadi performing at Calicut
Vinitha Nedungadi performing at Calicut
Vintiha Nedungadi
Vintiha Nedungadi
Vinitha Nedungadi performing at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur
Vinitha Nedungadi performing at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur
Vinitha Nedungadi performing at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur
Vinitha Nedungadi performing at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur
Vinitha Nedungadi
Vinitha Nedungadi
Performing at Thrissur
Performing at Thrissur
Vinitha was introduced to the exciting world of Malayalam literature at a very early age by her father Sri. P. Narendranath who was an accomplished Malayalam Writer. This has greatly helped her in carving a niche for herself by adapting Malayalam poems into Mohiniyattam, thus enriching its repertoire. Karukare karmukil by Kavalam, Poothappattu by Edassery, translation of Tagore’s Gitanjali,  etc are some of Vinitha’s endeavors in this line. The huge success of these items became a trendsetter and inspired other dancers to look into the treasure trove of Malayalam poetry.

Along with her training and busy career as a dancer, she finds time to do serious research in the art form and frequently write articles on its various aspects.

Some of the important stages where Vinitha has performed :

Mudra Festival – Trivandrum – 2010
Nishagandhi Festival, Trivandrum – 2009, organised by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala
Indian High Commission, Maldives - 2008
Saarang – Doha – 2007
Mohiniyattam Festival, Palakkad – 2008, organised by Kerala Kalamandalam & Swaralaya
Mohini National Dance Festival, Trivandrum – 2007
Soorya Festival, Trivandrum - 2007
National Festival of Mohiniyattam, Thrissur –2006, organized by Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi
Thunjan Festival, Tirur – 2006
India International Centre, New Delhi - 2005
Soorya Festival, Trivandrum – 2005
Swathi Smrithi, Chennai - 2005
Fete-De-Pondicherry, Pondicherry – 2005, organized by South Zone Cultural Centre
Sangeethikam – 2004, Organized by Kerala Kalamandalam
Samskruthi, Doha – 2003
National Dance Festival, Kasaragod – 2003, Organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi
Aaj Ke Kalaakaar - Ahmedabad 2001
Swathi Festival – 1999, Organized by Govt. of Kerala

Vinitha has played an instrumental role in setting a new trend in Mohiniyattam choreographies, enriching the repertoire of Mohiniyattam. Later, having inspired by this, many young and established dancers followed Vinitha’s choreographic approach and created many items absorbing verses and themes from the treasure of Malayalam poetry. Vinitha’s choreographies are acclaimed and appreciated by scholars, critics and viewers worldwide.

Vinitha is also the panel member of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), New Delhi.

Vinitha Nedungadi presents Thirusseva

A strong and stylish substitute to the traditional thillanas performed at the end of every repertoire. As a part of the research work for the fellowship, Vinitha choreographed this item of pure dance, incorporating the kalaasa chollus (syllables) used in Kathakali and Kerala Vadhya Paddhathi with a little Sahithya praising Lord Vishnu.

Vinitha Nedungadi presents Geethanjali

Vinitha took some selected verses from the Malayalam translation (by G. Sankara Kurup) of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Geetanjali, and choreographed a beautiful item incorporating the concept of Ashta nayikas (the moods of Eight Sringara Nayikas) as mentioned in Natyasastra. While the poem deals with a person’s desire to be unison with God, the dancer interprets the verses with the story of Radha and Krishna. Varshamohini Through Varshamohini, the dancer portrays the Navarasas of the rain where Vinitha dared to think beyond thouryathrika concept of dance and eventually proved the power and possibilities of Mohiniyattam. Varshamohini was a new concept in Mohiniyattam, using only instrumental music to support the dance. Even though the Sahithya (lyrics) is absent, the body language which is strictly within the traditional limits, conveyes the Rasas. Media wrote lengthy reviews on Varshamohini.

Vinitha Nedungadi presentsPoothappattu

Poothappattu was written by the famous poet Sri. Edassery Govindan Nair. The dancer portrays the tale of a woman’s incomparable love for her son, her fortitude and determination, with which she releases her son from the clutches of Pootham.

Vinitha Nedungadi presents Karukare Kaarmukil

Through the popular poem of karukare karmukil, Poet Sri. Kavalam Narayana Panikkar portrays the joy and eagerness of a farmer just before the much awaited monsoon rain. Vinitha gave an altogether new interpretation to the poem where she skillfully replaced the farmer with the joyous fantasy of a peacock under the cloudy sky. The choreography attracted wide appreciation.
   Awards & Achievements
Major awards & recognitions that Vinitha has received 
are :

- Top Grade artiste of Doordarshan - National official 

- Jr. Fellowship from Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi - 

- Yuva Kalaratnam - 2005

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