Raga Pilu


Raga Pilu is a light raga commonly used to express joy, devotion, happiness and love.  It is mostly used in light-classical forms, like the Khayal, of north Indian classical style. Raga Pilu is a light classical raga or thumri that is quite varied. Like Bhairavi, all the 12 notes can be used in a composition. Since the structure of the raga is left to the artist's style and interpretation, it is sometimes referred to as Misra Pilu (‘mixed version of Pilu’) which incorporates not only the main notes but grace notes like komal re, suddha Ga, tivra Ma, komal dha, and both Ni's. Many Krishna Bhajans, Bhakti sangeet and folk and love songs are based on this raga.

   Raga structure

Pilu is a light classical raga or Thumri that is quite varied. Like Bhairavi, all the 12 notes can be used in a composition since the structure of the raga is left to the artist’s style and interpretation, it is referred to as Mishra Pilu which incorporates not only the main notes but grace notes like komal re, shddha Ga, tivra Ma, komal Dha and both the Ni’s

Aroha:  N S g m P N S’
Avroha; ‘S n D P d m g R S N g S
Pakad:  g m d P g S ‘N g S
Jati:  Audav-Sampurna
Vadi:  g
Samvadi:  N


Raga Pilu belongs to Kafi thaat.

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   Songs based on Raga

Raga Pilu has the most evergreen songs in Bollywood. Here are a few of them :
1. Jhule mein pawanke aye bahar – Biju Bawara
2. More sainya ji utarenge par re nadiya -  Albela
3. Dhoondo dhoondo re sajna – Ganga Jamuna
4. Alla megh de pani de pani – Guide
5. Kali ghata chhaye mora jiya ghabraye – Sujata
6. Tere bib sune nayan hamare – Meri surat teri ankhein
7. Sur na saje  kya gaun main – Basant Bahar
8. Ai meri johara jabi, tujhe malum nahi – Waqt
9. Baharon ne mera chaman loot kar
10. Mainu Ishq Da Lag Gaya Rog

   Compositions in Raga

Here are a few compositions in Raga Pilu : 

1. Gagaree mohe bharana naahee
2. Alee piyaabina moraa kaiso jiyaa tarasala
3. Pilu raga dina yaaminee gavata
4. Ab maan jao saiyan


Despite the common nature of this raga, the structure of this raga is disputed. Everything about the raga from which notes are used how many notes are used, vadi – samvadi, aroha-avroha, swarupa and even the prahar is disputed. Hence no one really refers to this raga as Pilu, but Misra pilu(mix version of pilu).

   Related Ragas

Bhimpalasi, Bageshri, Kafi are ragas related to Raga Pilu



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