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Raga Kalavati or Kalawati

The word Kalavati implies ‘the one adorned with the ‘kalas’ or ‘arts’. So Kalavati also refers to Goddess Saraswati, who is considered the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and all forms of arts. It is a very melodious raga and the beauty of the raga lies in its simplicity which makes it extremely pleasant to the ears and gives relief to stress.

Kalavati or Kalawati is a modern pentatonic Hindustani classical raga. Svaras Re (the second tone) and Ma (the fourth tone) are strictly omitted (Varjya/Varjit). Kalavati belongs to the Khamaj Thaat. Raga Kalawati is a simple but melodious Raga. One has to be careful while singing as it has Rishabh and Madhyam forbidden.

Kalavati is derived from a Carnatic raga. According to J.D. Patki the raga was popularized in Maharashtra by Panditrao Nagarkar, Roshan Ara Begum and Gangubai Hangal. B. Subba Rao explains the Carnatic Kalavati as omitting Ga and Ni in aroha and Ni in Avaroha, using komal Re. That would make it closer to raga Jansamohini.

In Carnatic music, Kalavati is approximated as Valachi or Valaji, and is considered to be S G P D n S/S n D P G S, and a janya of the 28th Melakartha, Harikambhoji.


   Structure of Raga Kalavati

Thaat : Khamaj

Jati : Audhav - Audhav

Vadi : Pancham

Samvadi : Shadj

Aaroh : S G P D n S'

Avroh : S' n D P G P G S ; ,n ,D S ;

Vishranti Sthan : G D - D G

Mukhya Ang : S G P D ; P D n D ; D P ; G P D S n ; D n S ; n P ; D G ; P G S ; n D S ;

Swaras : Rishabh, Madhyam Varjya. Nishad Komal. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.

Pakad or chalan :  Komal Ni is weak in Aroha and often dropped: G P D n D S' or S G P D S', but in Tanas G P D n S' is also taken.

Komal Ni is also Andolita G P D n- D P

It's also used as G P D n – S' D G P D S n – D P

Time : Second prahar of the night (9 PM to 12 Night)

   Videos of Raga Kalavati

   Songs based on Raga Kalavati

Hindi Songs in Raga Kalavati 

1) Maika Piya Bulave  (Film - Sur Sangam -Year 1985)

2) Piya Nahin Aye (Film - Darvaza, Year - 1962)

3) Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahin (Film - Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin, Year - 1977)

4) Sanam Tu Bevafa Ke Nam Se (Film - Khilona, Year - 1970)

5) Yeh Tara Voh Tara (Film - Swades, Year - 2004) 

6) Kahe Tarasae Jiyar  (Film - Chitralekha)

7) Na To Karavan Ki Taalash Hai  (Film - Barsat Ki Ek Raat)

8) Subah Aur Sham Kaam Hi Kaam (Film - Uljhan)

Marathi songs in Raga Kalavati 

1) Pratham tuj pahata (Film - Mumbai Cha Jawai)

2) Jay gange bhagirathi 

3) Ananta ant nako pahu

4) Priya aaj mazi nase sath dyaya

5) Rahile othatlya othat 

6) Jai Gange Bhagirathi  

Tamil film songs in Raga Kalavati 

1) Pongum Kadalosai

2) Thatti Sellum

3) Devi Sridevi

4) Yeriyile Oru Kashmir Roja

5) Unnai Yenni Yennai

6) Pottu Vaitha Mugamo

7) Thirukona Moolam

8) Naan Irukka Bayam Edarkku

9) Kudumbathin Thalaivi Kulavilakku

10) Parvai Theril

   Compositions in Raga Kalavati

Bolan Lagi Koyaliya, 
Gore Gore Mukh Par, 
Piya Ghar Aaye Na, 
Parades Na Ja Sainya, 
Suniyo Aaraj Hamari, 
Gopal Girdahar Nand Dulare, 
Tan Man Dhan Tope Vaaru
are some of the compositions in Raga Kalavati

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