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Desh also called as Des. It is a Hindustani classical music raga, which belongs to the Khamaj thaat. This raga is very similar to raga Khamaj. This raga is a monsoon raga. It is often played at night. Desh is a popular raga, well suited for light classical and seasonal compositions. This Raag is a very sweet melody that announces itself with the combination D s m G R - G ,N s S. The musical compositions in this Raga bear the Shadja-Pancham (S-P) and Shadja-Madhyam (S-m) bhava and therefore very pleasing and essentially melodic. 

This raga is very similar to raga Sorath, except for the use of Ga. In this raga shuddha Ni (in aaroha) and komal-ni (in avaraoha) are used. Re is the most prominent note (Vaadi) and Pa is next most prominent note (Samvaadi). Vaadi, samvaadi and nyaas notes are generally the resting point of the musical phrases. Proper 'conversation' between vaadi and samvaadi allows for the systematic improvisation (samvaad) based on the rules of the raga. Desh or Des bears a close resemblance to raga Kedaragaula of the Carnatic (South Indian) tradition. Although Desh has similarities with Tilak Kamod and Khamaj ragas, the proper use of vaadi helps differentiate them. 

The versatile man and Noble Laurete, Rabindranath Tagore, has very often used Desh raga in his songs (Rabindra sangeet). The popular old Doordarshan video Baje Sargam, that featured many respected Indian classical singers, is also based on Desh.

Desh raga belongs to the Khamaj thaat. It can be obtained by replacing the Shuddha Nishad of Bilawal by Komal Nishad. The ragas of this thaat are full of Shringar Ras (romantic) hence this raga is mostly rendered in the form of light classical thumris, tappas, horis, kajris etc. Its pictorial descriptions in the existing texts are sensuous and even today, the raga Khamaj is considered to be a 'flirtatious' raga. Desh has been used in a few patriotic compositions. Vande Mataram, the national song of India, is the most well-known. The popular old Doordarshan video Baje Sargam, that featured many respected Indian classical singers, is also based on Desh. Desh is a very beautiful and romantic night-time raga.

There is another theory which assumes that in the past, Khamaj scale found its way in Ch'in music of the late medieval China.

Bhatkhande has described Desh as a raga of the Sorath Anga (facet /group) under the Khamaj parent scale. In this group, he includes three other ragas – Sorath, Jaijaiwanti, and Tilak Kamod. Amongst the cousins, Jaijaiwanti and Tilak Kamod most frequently expose the musician to the danger of confused raga-identities.


   Raga Structure of Desh

Thaat : Khamaj

Jati : Audava-sampurna

Aroh : Ni Sa Re, Ma Pa Ni, Sa

Avaroh : Sa ni Dha, Pa Dha Ma Ga Re, Pa Ma Ga, Re Ga Ni Sa

Pakad : Re, Ma Pa Ni, Sa Re ni Dha Pa, ma Ga Re

Vadi : Re

Samavadi : Pa

Synonym : Khamaj

Similar Raga: Sarang, Sorath

Time : Third prahar of the night (12 Night to 3 AM)

   Videos of Raga Desh

   Songs based on Raga Desh

Songs based on Raga Desh

1) Sanware ke rang ranchi (Movie: Meera (1979)
2) Ham tere pyaar mein saara aalam kho baithe 
3) Aap Ko Pyar Chupane Ki Buri Adat Hai (Neela Akash) (Hindi) (1965)
4) Om jai jagadish hare ( Film: Poorav Aur Pashchim)
5) Mora Sainyan Toh Hai Pardes (Movie: Bandit Queen 1994)
6) Gori Tore Nain (Movie: Main Suhagan Hoon 1964)
7) Thandee Thandee Savan Kee Phuhar (Jaagte Raho 1956)
8) Orupushpam Mathram (Pareeksha 1967)
9) Agar Tum Saath ho (Tamasha 2015)
10) Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab humare dil mein hai (Movie: The legend of bhagat Singh (2002)
11) Pyar Hua Chupke Se (1942 A Love Story)
12) Aaji Ruth Kar Ab Kahan Jaiega ( Aarzu)
13) Takdir Ka Fasaana (Sehraa 1963)
14) Door koi gaaye, dhun ye sunaaye ( Film: Baiju Bawra)
15) Chadariya Jhini Re Jhini- kabir bhajan by Anup Jalota.  
16)  Mayilay Parannu Va (Mayilpeelikkavu) (Malayalam) (1998)

*The polymath and Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, had very often used Hindustani Classical Music and Carnatic Classical Music in his songs (Rabindrasangeet). 

Rabindrasangeet- The songs based on this raga Des are listed below:

1) Aachhe Tomar Bidye Sadhhi
2) Aaj Taaler Boner Karotaali
3) Aaji Mor Dware Kahar
4) Amader Sokhire Ke Niye
5) Aamar E Ghore Aaponar
6) Aamar Je Sob Dite Hobe
7) Aamar Satya Mithya Sakoli
8) Aami Jene Shune Bish
9) Aar Rekho Na Aandhare
10) Anek Diner Aamar Je Gaan
11) Anek Kotha Bolechilem
12) Animesh Aankhi Sei Ke De
13) Dekhaye De Kotha Aachhe
14) Dhoroni Dure Cheye Keno
15) Dnaarao Maatha Khaao
16) Duare Dao More Rakhia
17) E Bharote Raakho Nityo
18) Ebaar Bujhi Bholar Bela
19) Ebaar To Jouboner Kachhe
20)Jeyo Na Jeyo Na Phire

   Compositions in Raga Desh

Composition like 

1. Guni gaavat raagini desako,
2. Kanha Madhur Bana Bansi Bajawat 
are some of the popular compositions in Des raag

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