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Raga Hameer / Hamir

Hameer is very popular due to its melodious, appealing nature. Raga Hameer is a powerful raga of Veer-Rasa (fills one with enthusiasm and courage of warriors) and is very dynamic. The combinations G M N D ; D D P alone instantly kindle the melodic form. 

Hameer is a nocturnal Hindustani classical raga nominally placed in Kalyan thaat. All the (shuddha swaras (natural notes) along with (teevra madhyam are used in it. 

Employment of Meend and Khatka in arriving at Dhaivat from Nishad adds to tonal beauty. In Hameer, Dhaivat is very powerful and is a Nyas Swar which represents Veer Ras. G m N D ; D D P these are characteristic notes of Hameer. Madhyam Teevra is rendered like: M P G m D.

Uttarang can be started like: G m (N)D N S' or P D P P S' or G m D N D S' or M P D N S'. In Avroh, Gandhar is used in Vakra form like M P G m R S or P G m R S. An occasional deployment of Rishabh in Aaroh is permissible for beautification of the melodic form. For example: R G m D P G m R S. In Avroh, rare deployment of Komal Nishad as a Vivadi Swar is permissible.

This is a Uttarang Pradhan raga which can be expanded in Madhya and Tar Saptaks.

Raga Hameer belongs to the class of ‘big’ ragas and is known to project a vigorous, dramatic mien. It is occasionally referred to as Hameer Kalyan (not to be confused with Hameer Kalyani of the Carnatic paddhati, which is the equivalent of the Hindustani Kedar).  As a traditional Hindustani denizen of considerable heft, one finds in Hameer a variety of old dhrupad, dhamar and khayal compositions.  

Hameer is of Vakra build; the arohana-avarohana set serves to provide no more than a silhouette. The essence of Hameer lies in the curvature of its arohi prayogas and the crucial role accorded the Dhaivat. 



   Structure of Raga Hameer

Thaat : Kalyan

Jati : Audhav - Sampurna 

Arohana : S G M D N S'

Avarohana : S' N D P M¯ P G M R S

Vadi : Dha

Samavadi : Ga

Synonym : Hambir, Hameer, Hameer Kalyan

Similar : Kamod, Kedar, Gaud Sarang, Chhayanat

Vishranti Sthan : S; D; S'; - S'; D; P; R;

Mukhya Ang : P ; G m N D ; D P ; G m P G m R S;

Swaras : Rishabh and Pancham forbidden (Varjya) in Aaroh. Both Madhyams. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.

Time : 2nd Prahar of the Night (9PM to12 Night)

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   Songs based on Raga Hameer

Songs based on Raga Hameer :

1) Madhuban Men Radhika Nache Re - Kohinoor

2) Chhed Diye Mere Dil Ke Taar - Raagini

3) Sur Ki Gati Main Kya Janun – Non film song

4) Mai To Tere Hasin Khayalo Me Kho Gaya - Sangram 
5) Shri Ramchandra Kriplu Bhaja Mana – Bhajan 

6) Vimala adhara nikati moha -  Natya sangeet 

7) Ga re kokila ga - Marathi

8) That samaricha davi nat - Marathi

9) Naman natwara visamaykara - Natya sangeet 

10) He jagdish sadashiv shankar - Marathi

11) Nee Thaan En Desiya Geetham by A R Rahman - Tamil song

12) En Uyir Thozhi -Karnan - Tamil song  

13) Chandrodayam Oru Pennanatho - Chandhrodhayam - Tamil song 

14) Kadhal Oviyam - Kavikkuyil - Tamil song 

15) Kanava Illai Kaatra - Ratchagan - Tamil song 

Compositions in Raga Hamir

1. Gavat Jan Mandhur Naam

2. Guneejana Gaavataraaga Hameera

3. Patiya Piya Ki

4. Surajhaya rahi.

5. Abira gulala lala kesara ranga chhirakata



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