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Raga Malgunji

Raga Malgunji is a Hindustani classical raga from the Khamaj Thaat. Some say it is a part of the Kafi Thaat too.

Malgunji is a mixture of Khamaj, Bageshree, Rageshwari, Vageshwari and Jaijaiwanti ragas. Raga Malgunji is similar to Raga Bageshree but it employs Shuddha Gandhar in Aaroh which makes it different from Bageshree. Malgunji also has some elements of Raga Khamaj. This Raag employs Shuddha Gandhar in Aaroh and Komal Gandhar in Avroh. Raga Vachak notes of Raga Malgunji are S, D, N S R G m which are recurring. In Uttarang, Nishad Shuddha is occasionally rendered like m D N S. Shuddha Gandhara is a Prominent note. Vadi is Madhyama and Samavadi is ?a?ja. This Raga can be expanded in all the three octaves. This Raga creates a heavy atmosphere.

Behavior refers to practical aspects of the music. In Hindustani music many of the concepts are fluid, changing, or archaic. The following information reflects how the music once existed.

The raga is generally performed during the hours form 3rd Prahar of the night. Some say that the time is 9am to 12 pm. Certain ragas have seasonal associations.


By Abhijit Bhaduri

Malgunji is a complex Raga of the Khamaj Thaat. John Campana describes Malgunji as having elements of Rageshri, Bageshri and a few subtle touches of Jaijaiwanti. It is popularly described as being a combination of Raga Rageshri (in the ascent) and Raga Bageshri ( in the descent). If traditionally Bageshri evokes feelings of separation from the lover, and Rageshri represents reunion, Malgunji depicts the initial realization of the reunion. 

I have always tried to get to know a Raga by listening to film music that is based on the classical raga and only after I have trained myself to recognize those patterns do I venture to hear the maestros perform the Raga in its pristine form. 

I want to share with you four of my all time favorite compositions from Hindi films based on Malgunji. They represent the works of RD Burman, Salil Chowdhury, Kalyanji Anandji and Madan Mohan.

The music composer whose work introduced me to Malgunji is Rahul Dev Burman. ‘Pancham’ as RD was known to his friends and family is the fifth note of music. Born on June 27, 1939, RD had composed music for more than 350 films until he breathed his last on January 4, 1994. He signed Bhoot Bungla (The Haunted House)in 1965 as his first film as a music director. This is also the film where for the first time Kishore Kumar the singer and he worked together. 

But Chhote Nawab (The Young King) also a film directed by Mehmood in 1961 is the one that RD Burman made his debut with. The song Ghar Aaja Ghir Aye (lyrics by Shailendra) is brilliant composition in Raga Malgunji (a Raga that combines elements of Raga Khamaj and Raga Bageshri). I will always rank this as the best ever Hindi film song composed in Malgunji.


   Raga structure of Malgunji

Thaat : Khamaj or Kafi

Jati : Shadhav-Sampurna Vakra

Aroha : S R G m D N S

Avaroha : S' n D P m G R G m g R S

Pakad : G m g R S n S D n S R G m

Vadi : Ma

Samavadi : Sa

Vishranti Sthan : S; m; - m; S;

Mukhya Ang : G m g R S ; ,n S ; ,D ,n S R G m ;

Similar : Bageshree, Rageshree

Time : Third prahar of the night (12Night to 3AM)

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   Songs based on Raga Malgunji

Film Songs in Rag Malgunji 

1) Ghar A Jaa Ghir Aye Badra Sanvareya (Film - Chhote Nawab,Year - 1961) 

2) Naa, Jiyaa Laage Naa Tere Bina Mera Kahin (Film - Anand, Year - 1970)

3) Jivan Se Bhari Teri Ankhen (Film - Safar, Year - 1970)

4) Naina So Nain Nahin Milo (Film - Jhanak Jhanak Payel Baaje, Year - 1955)

5) Unko Ye Shikayat Hai Ke Ham (Film - Adalat, Year - 1958)

6) Balma Bolo Na (Film - Picnic, Year - 1966)



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