Bilaskhani Todi

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Raga Bilaskhani Todi or Vilaskhani Todi

Legend has it that this raga was created by Bilas Khan, son of Miyan Tansen, after his father's death. It is said that while trying to sing Todi, his father's favorite raga, in the wake of his father, Bilas was so grief-stricken that he mixed up his notes. That gave birth to this raga, and that Tansen's corpse moved one hand in approval of the new melody. (There is a similar legend, differing only in detail, about Tansen's Todi.)

This Raga belongs to Bhairavi Thaat. Raga Bhairavi and Raga Komal-Rishabh Asawari are nearest to Bilaskhani Todi. This is a very melodious but difficult Raga to sing and requires much Riyaaz. This Raga can be expanded in all the three octaves. The atmosphere created by this Raga is deep and soothing.

Bilaskhani Todi is a Hindustani classical raga. It is a blend of the ragas Asavari and Todi, and has a close affinity with Komal Rishabh Asavari. The Hindustani classical raga Bilaskhani Todi is an example of the flaws of the Bhatkhande thaat system because it is classified under the Bhairavi thaat based on the notes it uses, but it is actually a type of Todi, and permitting any Bhairavi during a performance kills the raga.

Although Nishad is Varjya in Aaroh, it is sometimes used as Anuwadi Swar like: r' n S r' g' or r ,n S r. This is a Meend Pradhan Raga. The Gandhar used in this Raga is of lower Shruti as in Raga Todi. In this Raga, Shadj (Sa) is usually omitted in Avroh like: S' r' n d ; d S' r' g' r' n d ; g P d m g r ; g r ,n ,d S.


   Raga structure of Bilaskhani Todi

Thaat : This raga is in the Bhairavi Thaat; Some consider in the Todi thaat 

Jati : Audava-sampurna

Aroha : Sa re ga Pa dha Sa

Avaroha : re ni dha Ma ga re Sa

Vadi : D

Samavadi : G

Vishranti Sthan : S; g; P; d; - d; P; g; S;

Mukhya Ang : S r ,n ,d S ; S r g ; r g P ; P d n d ; d m g r ; g r S ;

Pakad : S'-r'-n-d,m-P-d-n-d-m-g,rgr-S

Swaras : Madhyam and Nishad Varjya in Aaroh. Pancham Varjya in Avroh. Rishabh, Gandhar, Dhaivat and Nishad Komal. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.

Synonym : Vilaskhani Todi

Similar raga : Bahaduri Todi

Time : Second prahar of the day (9AM to 12Noon)

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   Songs based on Raga Bilaskhani Todi

Songs in Raga Bilaskhani Todi

1) Jhoothe Naina Bole Sanchi Bateeyan
(Film - Lekin , Year - 1999)

2) Uthaya Geetham  (Tamil song)

3) Malai Nera Kaatre  (Tamil song)

4) Thendrale Nee Pesu(Tamil song)

5) Rama Raghunandana (Marathi)

These bandishes are composed by Acharya Vishwanath Rao Ringe 'Tanarang' and sung by Shri Prakash Vishwanath Ringe.

1 Bada Khyal : Aaj Badhai Det

2 Bada Khyal : E Garib Nawaz

3 Bada Khyal : More Man Ram Biraje

4 Chota Khyal: Kagawa Ja Re Ja Re Ja

5 Chota Khyal: Sur Ki Sadhana Kar

6 Chota Khyal: Madhur Murli Shyam Bajai



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