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Raga Bhimpalas

Bhimpalas or Bheempalasi or Bhimpalasi or Palasi is a Hindustani classical raga. Raga Bhimpalasi is belongs to the Kafi Thaat.

Among day Ragas, Bheempalasi is a very sweet and hauntingly pleasant melody. The initial development via Alaap is done very artistically to produce the Raga mood which is then thrown into waves with Taans. The rendering of Komal Nishad needs practice with these combinations: g m P n S' n S' n S' . Rendering this way will give the required higher shruti to Komal Nishad.

This is a Poorvang Pradhan Raga. It is expanded freely in all the three Octaves. This Raga is similar to Raga Aabheri in Carnatic Music. Raga Dhanashree is similarly to Raga Bheempalasi, but Dhanashree has Pancham as a Vadi Swar whereas Raga Bheempalasi has Madhyam as a Vadi Swar.

Sound of music

   Raga structure of Bhimpalasi

Thaat : Kafi

Jaati : Audava-sampurna

Aroha : N S G_ M P N_ S'

Avaroha : S' N_ D P M G_ R S

Pakad : N_ S M, M G_ P M, G_ M G_ R S

Vadi : M (Madhyam)

Samavadi : S (Shadj)

Time : Third Prahar of the day: Din ka Teesara Prahar (12PM to 3PM)

Related/Similar ragas : Bageshree, Dhanashree, Dhani, Patdeep, Hamsakinkini, Patdeepaki
In Carnatic music, Karnataka Devagandhari is the most similar raga, falling with Melakarta 22 (Karaharapriya).

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   Songs based on Raga Bhimpalasi

Film songs in Raga Bhimpalasi

1) Nainon Men Badra Chhaye

2) Samay O Dhire Chalo

3) Tere Sadke Balama

4) Tu Hai Phool Mere Gulshan Ka

5) Tum Mile Dil Khile

6) A Neele Gagan Tale Pyar. 

7) A Ajnabi Tu Bhii Kabhi Aawaz De Kahiin Se. 

8) Dil Ke Tukade Tukkade

9) Dil Mein Tujhe Bithake

10) Bina Madhur Madhur Kachhu Bol.

11) Aaj Mere Man Sakhi Bansuri Bajaye Koi.

12) Kismat Se Tum Ham Ko Mile Ho

13) Man Mor Hua Matavala

14)  Masoom Chehra

15) O Nirdai Pritam

16) Maine Chand Aur Sitaron Ki

17) Ai ri main to prem diwani mera dard na jaane koi  Film: Navbahar

18) Main gareebon ka dil hoon watan ki zubaan  Film: Ab-e-hayat

19) Ye na thi hamari kismat ki visaal-e-yaar hota  Film: Mirza Ghalib
20) Zindagi mein to sabhi pyaar kiya karate hain (Geet)
21)  Aa Neele Gagan 

22) Eli Re Eli Film:  Yaadein 

23) Ae Ajnabi Tu Bhii Kabhi Aawaz De Kahiin Se Film : Dil Se

24) Duniya Se Ji Ghabra Gaya Film:  Lailaa Manju

25) Eri Main To Premdivani 

26) Hai Chaand Sitaaron Men Chamak Tere Badan Ki

27) Jhanakar Payala Ki Tose Binati Kare 

28) Kehta Hai Mera Yeh Dil 

29) Khanabadosh 

30) Khilate Hain Gul Yahan Film : Sharmilee 

31) Kuch Dil Ne Kaha 

32) Man Mor Hua Matavala 

33) Yeh Aaine Se Akele Men Guftagu Kya Hai 

34) Zindagi Men To Sabhi Pyar Kiya Karte Hai 

35) Mere Man Ka Bavara Panchhi Film :| Amardeep

36) Naghma-O-Sher Ki Saughaat 

37) Nainon Men Badra Chhaye Film: Mera Saaya 

38) O Beqarar Dil 

39) Tumhi Ne Mujhko Prem Sikhya 



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