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Raga Bhairav 

Bhairav is an Indian classical raga of Bhairav thaat. It is a sampurna raga that is traditionally performed in the morning and also as the beginning piece in concerts. It is the defining raga of its own Thaat.

Raga Kalingda in Hindustani and ragam Mayamalavagowla in Carnatic music have the same scale as raga Bhairav, although the moods they create can be quite different due to the way they are expounded.

Bhairav is a morning raga, and solemn peacefulness is its ideal mood. It is grave in mood and suggests seriousness, introversion and devotional attitude.

Bhairav raga is an ancient raga that is considered to be extremely old and originated many centuries ago. The origin of Bhairav raga is disputed. According to some musicians, Bhairav raga was the first raga that originated from the mouth of Lord Shiva. While some musicians argue that Bhairav raga originated from the mouth of Lord Surya. This is why it was sung in the daytime. Bhairava is one of the names of Shiva especially in his powerful form as a naked ascetic with matted locks and body smeared with ashes. The ragas too have some of these masculine and ascetic attributes in their form and compositions.

The Bhairav raga itself is extremely vast and allows a huge number of note combinations and a great range of emotional qualities from valor to peace. There are many variations based on it including (but not restricted to) Ahir Bhairav, Alam Bhairav, Anand Bhairav, Bairagi Bhairav, Mohini Bhairav Beehad Bhairav, Bhavmat Bhairav, Devata Bhairav, Gauri Bhairav, Hijaz Bhairav, Shivmat Bhairav, Nat Bhairav, Bibhas, Ramkali, Gunkali, Zeelaf, Jogiya (raga), Saurashtra Bhairav, Bangal Bhairav, Komal Bhairav, Mangal Bhairav, Kaushi Bhairav, Bhatiyari Bhairav, Virat Bhairav, Kabiri Bhairav, Prabhat Bhairav, Roopkali, Bakula Bhairav, Hussaini Bhairav, Kalingda, Devaranjani, Asa Bhairav, Jaun Bhairav, and Bhairav.

Raga Bhairav is often referred to as the king of morning ragas. It produces a rich atmosphere. The Rishabh and Dhaivat used here are oscillating which is strongly recommended in this raga and it makes the raga mood intense.

Bhairav is one of few ragas that can be sung in any season. Bhairav is typically performed with a peaceful, serious, and serene mood.

Bhairav is grave in mood and suggests seriousness, introversion as well as devotional attitude. It shares its notes with Ahir Bhairav which has a sombre temperament. The performance for this raga is solemnly serious. The raga comes across as a musical entity with mood of meditation, philosophical depth, and emotional richness.

Rishabh and Pancham are occasionally skipped in Aaroh like: S G m d P or G m d N S'. But in Avroh, Rishabh and Pancham are Deergh like S' N d P or P m G m r r S. In Avroh, Gandhar is skipped like: G m r S. Madhyam is an important note.

There is total freedom for the performance in this rag and can be expanded in all the three octaves. On hearing the following combination, one feels a rich ocean like atmosphere of this raga

r r S; d d P ; m P G m P ; G P m ; G m r r S ; ,N S r S ; G m N d ; d N S' ; N S' r' r' S' ; d d P m P ; G m P ; G m P P m G m ; G m P ; G m r S ; ,d ,N S r r ; G m d m P ; P m P ; d P d N d N S' ; r' r' G' m' r' S' ; N d P ; d d P m P m G m P ; m m r r S;   


   Raga structure of Bhairav

Thaat : Bhairav

Jati : Sampurna-Sampurna

Aroh : S r G m P d N S'

Avroh : S' N d P m G r S

Vadi : D

Samvadi : R

Vishranti Sthan : S; m; P; d; - S'; d; P; r;

Mukhya Ang : r r S ; d d P ; G m d d P ; G m r r S ; ,N S;  

Pakad : Ga Ma Dha Dha Pa, Ga Ma Re Re Sa

Chalan : Sa Ga Ma Pa Dha Dha Pa Ma Ga Ma Re Sa

Swaras : Rishabh and Dhaivat Komal. Rest All Shuddha Swaras.

Time : 1st prahar of the day Sunrise (6AM to 9AM)

Equivalent : Mayamalavagowla, Double harmonic scale

Similar : Kalingda, Gauri, Ahir Bhairav, Nat Bhairav, Ramkali

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Songs in Raga Bhairav

1) Amma Roti De (Film - Sansar)

2) Ek Ritu Aye Ek Ritu Jaye (Film - Gautam Govinda)

3) Hanse Tim Tim (Film - Sanskar)

4) Jaago, Mohan Pyare Jaago (Film - Jagte Raho)

5) Mana Re Hari Ke Guna (Film - Musafir)

6) Mohe Bhul Gaye Sanvariya (Film - Baiju Bawra) Mix raga

7) Meri Veena tum bin roye ( Film -  Dekh Kabira Roya)

8) Kah Do Koi Na Kare Yahan Pyaar (Film -  Goonj Uthi Shehnai)

9) Waqt Karta Jo Wafa (Film - Dil Ne Pukara)

10) Gavlan houniya phirata (Marathi)

11) Mand mand ye samir (Marathi)



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