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K.N.P. Nambisan alias Lalitha Kalalayam Nambisan - son of Late Writer Poet, Siromani Nelluvai K.N. Nambisan who is a elder brother of famous Kathakali Singer - Kalamandalam Neelakantan Nambisan, from a well known artist family (Tharavad), is an Master of Rhythm Thala Vadya Shilpi RASHTRA GAURAV PURASKAR Award Winner ? an Unusual Instrumental Musical Player in various type of percussions like Mridangam, Edakka, Ghatam, Ganjira, Chenda, Maddalam, Pakhwaj, Thavil, Tabla, Dolak etc. 

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K.N.P. Nambisan performing in ' Keli Vadya Vrundam'
K.N.P. Nambisan performing in ' Keli Vadya Vrundam'
K.N.P.Nambisan performing in concert
K.N.P.Nambisan performing in concert
K.N.P Nambisan
K.N.P Nambisan
Keli Vadya Vrundam
Keli Vadya Vrundam
Several times have taken contract of Music Concert in Mumbais and performed in 5-star hotels like,TAJ INTER-CONTINENTAL,THE LEELA, HOTEL AMBASSADOR Etc. and also given Classical Dance and Musical Concert in Mumbai's 3-star Hotels also. 

Visited several times, UK & Continental Countries, USSR, Korean Spring Festival, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Muscat, Sophia, Checkoslovakia, Poland, Budhapest, Sri Lanka and many other countries. Received invitation from Department of Culture to perform solo performance of Sapta Raga Tala Vadya Tarangam-Jugalbandhi at USSR . 
Since 1990, awarded 'A' Grade Artist from Cine Music Association, Mumbai. 

Since past 38 years, settled in Mumbai in the field of art. Also expert in Music composing, dance composing, Organ, Nattuvangam, Thayambaka, etc. etc. Also compossed a dozen of Dance Ballets and successfully presented several times in and out of Mumbai. 
Through consistent experiments and dedicated practice, the artist acumen of myself had substantially grown over the years and mastered in playing all the above instruments. Considering the laborious effort one has to make to learn o play even a single instrument, it would be utterly difficult to believe my masterly skill on Edakka, Mridangam, Maddalam, Ghatam, Pakhwaj, Thavil and Chenda. The suggestion inspired me and subsequent research and experiments culminated in the creation of a rare and unique musical Ensemble which I titled as SAPTA RAGA TALA VADYA THARANGAM! 
Sapta Raga Tala Vadya Tharangam is a pure unification of percussion, string and wind instruments that are used on different occasions and for various purposes. The seven instruments that will be single-handedly played by me, the lead percussions are: Edakka, Mridangam, Ghatam, Pakhwaj, Ganjira, Thavil, Chenda, Maddalam etc. As this new unusual musical creation will surely serve as a coed and unblemished treatise of Raga and Thala in all its chastity and grandeur, it need encouragement. Already telecasting this programme in the ASIANET TV CHANNEL. 
1. It is one of my own Musical Creation Jugalbandhi programme of ?Sapta Raga Tala Vadya Taramgam?! in which I will be single handedly playing 7 various Percussion instruments with other 5 accompaniments. 
2. My 2nd Musical production is SAUPARNIKAMRUTAM based on Goddess Saraswati in which 3 Dance styles, more than 12 percussion instruments are used. Ending with Jugalbandhi with Other Instruments and 3 Dance styles will finish like a Pyramid - Rhythm Climax. 
Mridangam trained from Late Guru Trichur P Appu Iyer and from his first student Guru Eranellur Narayana Pisharody. 
Since past 21 years I was working with Nalanda Nritya kala Maha Vidyalaya ( Bombay University affiliated) as a Teacher-cum Musician in the faculty of Mohini Attam & Bharata Natyam teaching in the following subjects: 
-MRIDANGAM classes 
In the month of February AMRITA TV CHANNEL TRIVANDRUM, invited for the audition on Fusion Instrumental for the title of SUPER TALENT and got promotion for the 2nd Round. 
Director of Lalitha Kalalayam Fine Arts Academy Trust situated in Mumbai. 



It is a Musical Jugalbandi - In this leading artist will play on 7 Percussion Instruments and accompanying 5 artist will be on Wind String Instruments.

Keli Vadya Vrundam

9 Kerala Traditional Musicl Instruments are used in this program. Music by leading artist Shri. Nambisan. In this 1.5 hrs Program, Edakka, Maddalam, Thimala, Kombu, Kuzhal, Thala, Shankhu, Chengala etc. are performed in the Temple Background..
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Received B-Grade from All India Radio, Trichur, Kerala . 
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