Manisha Gulyani

Kathak dancer

Manisha Gulyani
Manisha Gulyani started her kathak dance at a young age of 7. Kathak engulfed her in its fold,  when she joined Jaipur Kathak Kendra. But she had her true calling when she was blessed by the noted exponent of Kathak, the principal Heir of traditional Kathak dance of Jaipur style – Pt. Giridharji Maharaj, who very graciously accepted her as his disciple in the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara. His mentoring has continued till this date with Manisha continuing her journey towards unravelling the intricacies of this mystical dance form under the watchful vigil of her venerable Guru.Manisha’s passion for Kathak has also led her to be bestowed with an exposure to intricate patterns of Indian rhythm, by Pt. Udai Mazumdar, a senior tabla player of Banaras gharana
 She is not just a good Kathak Dancer but she also has good command over other Indian Film and Folk Dances like Chari, Ghoomer, Kalbeliya, Mand, Gair, Garba, Dandiya, Gidda, Kashmiri-Doongri, Pahari, Bengali, Odiya and few tribal dances as well.

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Manisha Gulyani
Manisha Gulyani
Manisha Gulyani - Kathak dancer
Manisha Gulyani - Kathak dancer
Manisha Gulyani performing at Thirak Utsav 2015
Manisha Gulyani performing at Thirak Utsav 2015
Manisha Gulyani performing Kathak at National Theater Niagara
Manisha Gulyani performing Kathak at National Theater Niagara
Manisha Gulyani as Choreographer with Ikko in NewYork
Manisha Gulyani as Choreographer with Ikko in NewYork
Kathak recital by Manisha Gulyani
Kathak recital by Manisha Gulyani
She has been an Instructor of Indian Dance and Music for reputed institutions like Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and DPS Society. Apart from stage choreography of traditional and contemporary dances, she has also choreographed for a Chinese Movie and for various Rajasthan dance videos. Manisha Gulyani has received wide appreciation and acceptance for her Kathak recitals as well as her choreographic works. She is a familiar face on Magazines, Radio and TV Channels. Also she gave many national and International performances.

Manisha Gulyai’s important international performances:-

Kathak Recital and Master Classes at High Point University, USA .
Kathak Recital at Winston City, USA .
Kathak Recital at Germany, Kathak and Amour by Cultural Europe at Switzerland.
Kathak and Amour by Cultural Europe at Italy .
Kathak with Maand at Bali Spirit Festival
ICCR& JNICC Tour at Natyamandal, Indonesia 
Kathak Recital at Dutch Embassy, Jakarta 
International Dance convention and Master Classes at Venice 
International Music Festival, China Trufesta
 International Dance Festival, and Master Classes at Lagos 
Kathak Recital at National Theatre, Nigeria Contemporary Kathak at New York, 
Kathak Recital, Master Class and Dance Collaboration at Ghent USA.
Important National performances:-
Braj Hori, Spring festival, Kathak Festival twice at Jaipur
International Sufi Festival twice, Ajmer
Convocation , Amity University Rajasthan.
Udai Shankar Ballet Festival.
Kathak Recital organized by Govt. of India at Amber Fort.
All India MP’s Conference,Trivandrum.
Kathak Recital at Doordarshan 
Pratibha Utsav organised by NZCC, Kota.
Chaturnag Music Festival. Jaipur kath
Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy Music Conference, Ajmer.
ICCR Anniversary Celebration, New Delhi.
Bhatt Smriti Samaroh  Alwar.
Sabrang Festival & AIR annual celebration.
Vande Matram Production under the direction of Pt. Birju Maharaj 
Kathak Festival Indore.
Indian Army Celebration, Amritsar.
Rajasthan Day Celebration 
Kathak Festival 
Asian Kayaking Cowing Championship, Bhopal.
Vindhya Festival.
Khajuraho Festival.

Soulful Sufi - Kathak presentation by Manisha Gulyani

'Soulful Sufi' is choreographed, performed by Manisha Gulyani and original scores composed by Pt. Udai Mazumdar. Soulful Sufi is a mystical presentation of Kathak that blends together traditions of Sufi Music and Sufi Dance interpreted through the art of Kathak dancing. The evolution of Soulful Sufi works only on one thought -- the concept of formless Almighty. This unforgettable musical journey of serenity, piety, mental peace and divine power offers new compositions and original scores composed to the verses of great Sufi Masters like Baba Bulley Shah, Khwaja Amir Khusro, Maula Ghulam Fareed, Baba Shah Hussain on the immortal poetries like "Man Kunto Maula", "Terey Ishq Nachaya Kar Thayya", Zihaal-e-Miskeen" and more...

Manisha Gulyani presents Kathak dance recital

Manisha Gulyani has performed at Vindhya festival, Khajurao festival, International Dance Festival and Master Classes at Lagos.She presents the Jaipur style of Kathak which originated in the courts of the Kachchwaha kings of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Importance is on powerful footwork, multiple spins, and complicated compositions in different talas.
   Awards & Achievements
Manisha’s list of accolades and accomplishments run long:-

*  An ICCR Kathak Artiste.
*  An empanelled Kathak Artiste for Cirque de Soleil, Toronto.
*  A Doordarshan Graded Kathak Artiste.
ISFI Gold Award in Dance by International Sufi Festival India, Ajmer.
*  ICCR teacher cum performer for foreign assignments at ICC centres.
*  National Senior Scholarship from Govt. of India.
*  National Junior Scholarship from Govt. of India. merit Scholarship from Jaipur Kathak Kendra, India. 
*  Anisha is a Graded artiste from Ministry of Information &Broadcasting, is an empanelled Kathak artiste and works as teacher cum performer on foreign assignments for ICCR (Ministry of External  Affairs). 
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