Nandesh Vithal Umap

Folk singer, Film singer, Live show performer, Playback singer

Nandesh Vithal Umap
Nandesh is the son of the legendary singer Late Shri. Loksahir Vithal Umap. Growing up, he watched his father’s sacrifice and dedication towards the rich Indian cultural and folk music and mightily to provide the best for his children. He encouraged Nandesh and his siblings to develop their musical gifts from singing to playing music. At an age of 8 years Nandesh began to perform with his father and has done various stage and 
international shows till today. Nandesh began writing his own songs, concepts & plays, some of his conceived concepts are like Mee Marathi and Sangeet Ka Mela. After education, he worked as a music teacher while still holding on to his dreams of music industry success.
Big Break: 
Nandesh's big break came in 1999 when he made his professional debut with a Marathi play called “Ranagaan” in which he played a dual role of singer cum narrator, for which he was felicitated by renowned actresses Late Mrs. Dina Pathak and Mr. Naserrudin Shah.

A first short film called shwet aangar by nandu madhav sung by nandesh has been selected for kannas film festival and was also selected for ahemdabad film festival 2009. Further to his journey Nandesh got a opportunity to sing a title song for the famous serial “Gangubai Non Matric” of ETV Marathi. This serial went on continuously for a period of 8 years and was registered in Limca book of awards as a longest playing serial. Radio stations / channels embraced the song and the resulting buzz helped him land a deal at the now defunct label, and famous music directors like Ram Lakshman, Anand Modak, Ashok Patki, Narendra Bhide, Salil Kulkarni, Kaushal Inamdar and Avdhoot Gupte.
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Nandesh Umap - Folk Singer
Nandesh Umap - Folk Singer
Nandesh Umap - Playback Singer
Nandesh Umap - Playback Singer
'Vasudev' performed by Nandesh Umap in Marathi film Parambi
'Vasudev' performed by Nandesh Umap in Marathi film Parambi
Jambhul Aakhyan
Jambhul Aakhyan
Mee Marathi
Mee Marathi
Jambhul Aakhyan Troop
Jambhul Aakhyan Troop
Mee Marathi program by Nandesh Umap
Mee Marathi program by Nandesh Umap
Sangeet Ka Mela 150th Show
Sangeet Ka Mela 150th Show
Sangeet ka mela - quawali by Nandes Umap with his group
Sangeet ka mela - quawali by Nandes Umap with his group
Nandesh is known for his high octave singing and has performed and recorded music of varying styles. After many years singing folk, classical, light vocal and musical theatre throughout India & Overseas, he decided to switch gears in 2007 and form his own in house production of shows namely “Mee Marathi” a rich cultural Marathi show and “Sangeet Ka Mela” a Hindi well presented colorful culture of India performed by 80 artists. All these years he has been arranging organizing various shows, orchestras for public, private and political events.  In his journey of music he has worked with many renowned artists namely the legendary singer Smt. Lata Mangeshkar, Shri. Suresh Wadkar, Smt. Sadhana Sargam, Shri. Shankar Mahadevan, Shri. Leslie Lewis and many more. 

Nandesh is currently collaborating with several new songwriters, movie directors and has started composing, writing his own music. He enjoys performing throughout the globe in a variety of venues, from music festivals to concert halls, private parties and corporate events. His sparkling vocals and warm stage presence delight audiences of all ages!

Some of his recent work achievements are as follows  : 

Latest upcoming releases :
* Prabho Shivaji Raja(Animation Film)
* Bhakar
* Yashwant Rao Chavan
* Chance [music composed and sung]      {Film by Gajendra Ahire}
* Zameen
* Traffic Signal.

Released Films :
* Chintu part 2
* Bhartiya
* Ami subhash babu bolche A Bengali film by Mahesh Manjrekar
* Shambu Raje
* Khel mandala
* Sukanya
* Tumcha amcha julala
* Parambi 
* Tamasha 
* Att  Patt Nagar  Hotah   { Film by Ravi Rai}
* Dum asel tar..
* Chinu
* Swaraj
* Hirkani
* Topi Khali Dadlay kay
* Saheb
* Raj Mata Jijau
* Khel mandala
* Yama cha gavala jauya
* Mee Shivaji Raje Bosale Boltoye  {Film by Mahesh Manjrekar}
* Sumran and Tya ratri paus hota   {Film by Gajendra Ahire}
* Are baba pue re
* Paach nar ek bejar
* Ramabai Ambedkar
* Katha Nama Jogachi
* Jakh Marali Bayako Keli   {Ramlaxman}
* Mohini and Aai cha gondhal   {Vishwajit}   
* Pangira  { Sanjay Patil}
* Urus and Fakira   {Anand Modak}
* Mumbai cha dabbewala   {Ramlaxman}
* Bali rajya cha rajya yau de  {Arun Kachre}
* Golmal   {Avdhut Gupte}
* Bagh hath dakhvun   {Pradeep Vaidya}
* Foreign Chi Patlina
* Khurchi samrat 
* Jawai Majha Navsacha 
* Chaang Bhalah 

Playback for short films : 
* Shwet Angar (This has been selected at the Cannes Film Festival,  Ahmedabad).

Playback for Serials:
* Tu Thithe Mee (zee tv) guest appearance for an episode. 
* Composing  of  folk music for ‘VEER SHIVAJI’ a  Hindi serial on colors TV .
* Gunda Purush Dev(Etv,Marathi)
* Bandharbul
* Raja Shiv Chatrapati (Sung on Star Pravah for a serial by Nitin Desai)  
* Sade made teen Title – (Sung for ZEE Marathi)
* Aadishakti Title - (Composed and sung for Mee marathi)”
* Gangu Bai Nonmatric Title ( Sung for ETV)
* Gharo Ghari (Shayadri)
* Mabhacha (Shayadri)
* Ramram pavne (Shayadri)

Playback and Acting for Dramas:
* Ranagan
* Jambul Akhan
* RamdasPadhey{kashtapanchalika}
* Vicha Mazi Puri Kara
* Gadhava che lagna
* Sangeet Pandarpur
* Lavni Bhulali Abhangala
* Zuluwa
* Tur Tur

Playback for Dramas
* Khal Khatak
* Gavat hoil shobha 
* Shatjanma shodhitana
* Yada kadachit
* Sai mauli

Playback for AD Jingles : 
* ESPN Sports T20 world cup 2010 – (Music composed by Dhruv Ghanekar) 
* Wheel Bar  – (Music composed by Dhruv Ghanekar)

In House production:
  “MEE MARATHI “{ A Live Marathi Musical Show performed with 60 artistes presenting the JOURNEY OF MARATHI CULTURE}

  “SANGEET KA MELA” {A Live Hindi musical show performed with 80 artistes presenting The COLOURFUL CULTURE OF INDIA}
  Proud to announce the “The first folk rock band “a bridge built for the youth
  Jambhul Akhyan-Ek Lok Mhabharat…..


Nandesh Umap with his group presents Jambhul Akhyan

Lokshahir Vitthal Umap theater presents Jambhul Akhyan - Ek Lok Mahabharat…..two act play based on 'Gondhal' - folk music. Writer-Suresh Chikhale, Director- Ajit Bhagat, Music directer - Atyut Thakur, Producer- Nandesh Umap

Nandesh Vithal Umap with his group presents Sangeet Ka Mela

'Sangeet Ka Mela' is a compilation of Indian traditional songs in films - right from Naushad to A R Rahman. It has no rock, pop or disco - it is pure Indian music and it is performed by a team of 80 members. For our Mauritius tour, we will have to curtail the number to 35!

Nandesh Vithal Umap presents Mee Marathi

This stage show is based on music, dance, and traditions that are exclusive to Maharashtra. The show portrays Musical traditions such as bharud , povada, tumdi, lavni and the kohli dance .These dances are well choreographed and feature colourful costumes, stunning lights and sound effects, combined with the melodious music that creates a very fortuitous atmosphere. The show comprises 75 artistes and is lead by Shahir Vithal Umap. The dances are choreographed by Vishwas Natekar and Sachin Joglekar and feature a good mix of classical, semi-classical and folk. It is hosted by Sameera Gujar and Sudhesh Mashilkar. The show is best suited for charity shows, cultural festivals, corporate and social events, family functions, theatres, and school/college annual functions
   Awards & Achievements
Nandesh has recently completed his first solo Marathi gazal album ‘ Ti Yaad Sajanachi .‘ All the gazals written by his father Late Shri. Loksahir Vitthal Umap, composed and sung by him and released by Universal Music.

Recently he had the privilege of being the first Marathi singer to sing on the platform of Coke Studio 2011 with Leslie Lewis and the first singer to sing a Bengali Povada in a recent Bengali Movie ‘Ami subhash babu bolche ‘ directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. 

Nandesh has a series of movies due for release, to name a few are 'Ami Subhash Babu Bolche' a Bengali film by Mahesh Manjrekar

'Chance' a film by Gajendra Ahire, music composed and sung by Nandesh
'Att Patt Nagar Hotah' film by Ravi Rai
Hirkani, Yama Cha Gavala Jauya, Chinu, Mazi Mati Marathi, Swarajya, Zameen, Saheb, Shambu Raje, Parambi,
and many more.

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